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Burl Pettibon Passes Away

Chiropractic Profession Loses Another Icon

According to a post on the Pettibon Facebook Page - Burl R Pettibon, DC, FABCS, FRCCM passed away on December 22, 2017.

The Facebook post read:

Long considered the father of spinal biomechanics, Burl R Pettibon, DC, FABCS, FRCCM passed away Dec 22 at his home in Chehalis, WA. Dr Pettibon left the world a better place and worked all of his life to advance the chiropractic profession for doctors and patients. Burl was known for his out of the box thinking and when asked what he thought he would be most remembered for, he stated it would be the Body Weighting System™.

He lived by the principles of sixth sigma, and believed “you cannot prove, disprove, or improve that which you cannot measure.” In view of his many patents for equipment, extensive writing’s, research, and countless hours of teaching, his life was fully invested in chiropractic and the lives of his patients. To be assessed and treated by Dr Burl Pettibon was truly life changing for the hundreds and hundreds he touched.

He will forever be missed for his sense of humor, his sense of direction, his love for his family, and his love for solving problems of all kinds especially those of the spine. Rest in Peace Dr. Burl Pettibon you have been a warrior and we thank you.

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