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Mind Virus Announces 2018 Seminar

Marc Swerdlick to Provide Arsenal of Strategy for Chiropractors

Mind Virus recently announced they will be holding PRESUASION 2018 in Naperville, Illinois on November 9-10, 2018. PRESUASION 2018 is a comprehensive, two-day chiropractic marketing event that will provide attendees with an arsenal of strategy designed to continually build and sustain a thriving practice.

Regardless of where you are in terms of marketing your practice, the fact is that you NEED an education in marketing strategy specific to chiropractic.

Despite what you believe you know to be true and/or what you may have heard, the fact of the matter is that MARKETING is not selling. It's not advertising. It's not promotion. It's not PR.

MARKETING is getting the consumer to want what you believe she or he NEEDS.

MARKETING utilizes influence and persuasion to having such a strong desire for your product or service such that they are ready to say "YES!" even before they walk into your practice.

"If you are looking for marketing strategy that is science based and is void of all the Mercedes 80's carnival barker gimmicks still rampant in chiropractic, then this is your seminar" stated Matthew McCoy DC, MPH.

Dr. Swerdlick is a well-known and sought after professional speaker, current member of The National Speakers Association, International Speakers Network, Global Speakers Federation, and The National Speakers Association of Illinois. Dr. Marc is known for his direct, strategic “bullet-like” approach to business, professional, and personal betterment. Dr. Marc doesn’t just tell you that you need to make a change: He tells you how to get it done. 

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