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Some States Starting to Address CBD Products & Chiropractic Scope

Some Say Not Within Chiropractic Scope

CBD Oil is the latest craze sweeping through the marketplace and it seems as if everyone is using and recommending it - including chiropractors.

Not in our state say some boards. Other states have said nothing and other states basically say "figure it out for yourself".

Several states including Michigan, Ohio, New York, and North Dakota have issued fairly clear guidance stating basically that it is not within the scope of practice.

Oklahoma said their board has never discussed it.

Others like California and the California Board of Chiropractic, offered no guidance other than referring licensees to the California Code of Regulations. The California Board also recommended asking the California Chiropractic Association (a trade group) for advice.

Chiropractors are cautioned on seeking or relying on advice from state associations on the legality of controversial scope issues since the trade groups do not make or enforce laws, rules or regulations and most likely will not provide an attorney to defend you should the state come after you.

The state associations are better positioned to pressure the Boards to come up with an answer rather than waiting until a chiropractor has a complaint against them that could have been avoided with a clear policy.

The same is true for those selling and marketing the products to chiropractors - they may not be the best people to rely on for legal advice.

If you are considering using, selling or recommending CBD products in your practice make sure you know what your state board and state law has to say about it. If they do not say anything then its best to get legal advice before jumping in.

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