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Kristine Salmon Compares Those Fighting Canadian X-Ray Ban to Those Asking to See Obama's Birth Certificate - Salmon Sits on Complaint Committee that Investigates Chiropractors

Will Her Racist Statement Be Addressed by the Committee?

During the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) recently held by the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia  (CCBC) where the question of x-rays in the management of vertebral subluxation was debated, Kristine Salmon DC (who sits on the CCBC Inquiry Committee) stated that those accusing the board of bias and conflict of interest have presented no evidence. She then went on to use racist comparisons to describe the concerns of chiropractors who manage subluxation.

"I feel like we're asking to see Obama's birth certificate here"

According to an article published in CBC News by Bethany Lindsey she was " . . . referring to racist right-wing efforts to discredit the former U.S. president."

Salmon continued:

"Tactics like this and misleading advertising are the way we're going to lose the respect of the public."

Salmon, who is opposed to the evidence based management of vertebral subluxation claims on her website to use Graston Technique despite the fact that Graston does not meet the College of Chiropractor's ban on the use or advertising of anything that does not have multiple randomized controlled clinical trials backing its efficacy.

The fact that you have someone sitting on the Committee that investigates other chiropractors making race baiting statements about other chiropractors and using methods that are clearly not allowed by the very Board she serves on, tells you everything you need to know about where this regulatory board is coming from.

Salmon's website is chock full of interventions being used that do not meet the College's Efficacy Claims Policy and their infamous APPENDIX N.

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