Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation
Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Issues Response to Concerns About Florida Medical Association Task Force

Urges Focus on Right to Practice Subluxation Centered Care

Following the release of the Florida Medical Association’s Task Force Recommendations on Scope of Practice the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation received numerous inquiries from concerned chiropractors and as a result issued the following statement:

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS) has reviewed the Florida Medical Association’s Internal Legislative Memo regarding their Scope of Practice Task Force and its related recommendations.

In regards to chiropractic there are concerns raised by the FMA as to the professions’ utilization of the term “Doctor” and “Physician” as professional designations. In Florida, the term "chiropractic physician" is authorized by law.  The term “chiropractic medicine" is even part of the name of the board. While the Florida Medical Association might embark on an educational campaign to distinguish between the respective training of various types of practitioners, in order to remove the designation of “physician” and “doctor” they would have to change the law.  In addition, existing laws in Florida already require identification of the type of practitioner.

Certain groups within chiropractic have always promoted the notion that "physician" designation was important in the third party pay environment. Similar arguments have been made regarding primary care terminology in place of or in addition to “portal of entry”.  However, all that matters is what the law states.  For example, in New Jersey, chiropractors can use the term "chiropractic physician" but cannot sign off on school athletic physicals, while a nurse practitioner can.

The FVS supports freedom of choice in health care, including practitioner type, and we welcome and encourage free-market competition. However, we do not support expansion of the scope of practice by chiropractors to include drugs (necessary or unnecessary) and surgery. The primary job of all the health care boards is to protect the public health and safety.  For the public to be unable to discern the intent and purpose of any profession in its approach to health care leads to confusion and possible ill informed, inappropriate choices.

While the issues related to terminology such as “physician” and “primary care” are important, hot button topics - education, access to licensure, ability to practice subluxation-centered chiropractic, and scope of practice are an order of magnitude more important in the opinion of the FVS.


Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation