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Georgia Chiropractors for Scope Expansion Formed

Group says they are working with the Georgia Chiropractic Association to expand scope

In an e-mail sent to Georgia chiropractors Ryan Barnes DC stated he has been working with Dr. Rod Lacy and the First Chiropractic Physician Association of America (FCPAA) to set up a Georgia Chapter of the organization. The name of the group is: Georgia Chiropractors for Scope Expansion (GCSE). 

Barnes, a 2008 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida who now practices in Tifton Georgia, stated:

“ It is our objective to work IN ACCORDANCE with the GCA to set up a committee under the GCA’s umbrella whose goal is to achieve scope expansion.  Neither the FCPAA nor the GCSE is in competition with the GCA, and I strongly encourage you to continue supporting the GCA, as I will.” 

The email went on to lament the shortage of primary care physicians and the belief that chiropractors should fill this role and expand the scope to include prescriptive rights and injectables.

According to its website the FCPAA is  a national  full service association with 20 daughter associations with 2000 members in 4 countries focused on correcting what they describe as “the restrictive laws of the past” and to expand  chiropractors’ rights as a primary care physician.

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