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AECC Researcher Reveals Ignorance of Basic Science

Issue Highlights Importance of Choosing Right School

Recently, the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation received a letter from Dave Newell BSc MSc PhD FRCC (Hon) FEAC Reader and Director of Research at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) complaining about a Facebook post by one of our Advisory Board Members – Dr. Rob Sinnott.

In his post Dr. Sinnott offers a humorous, anatomically and physiologically correct discourse on Ebola and the role of the immune system, subluxation and chiropractic in such situations.


(By the way - the name of the file for the post "idiot" was made by Newell - How professional).

Granted, Dr. Sinnott does not offer a reference list at the end of his Facebook post, but one would assume if your title is “Reader and Director of Research” as is Newell’s title, that such references would not be far from your grasp. And if they were, perhaps the other two Senior Lecturers from AECC that Newel copied on the email, (Mike Kondracki and Andrew Vitiello), could have lent him a hand.

Mind you, Newell provides no references of his own and instead engages in a purely ad hominem attack on Dr. Sinnott. Newell asserts that the view that chiropractic might affect the function of the immune system is inconsistent with the majority view of the profession that chiropractic is for musculoskeletal disorders only.


Making matters worse is that Newell shared his emotional, ad hominem diatribe with his AECC students stating:

“I find it deeply hurtful that they and you are associated by name with such dangerous and damaging views.” 


Sadly it is difficult to know where to begin to address the gibberish in Newell’s rant.  

Should we begin with a recent paper in The Lancet that reviews the importance of naturally acquired immunity in managing Ebola?

Or should we begin with an overview of the scientific literature on the role of the spine and its relationship to the nervous and immune systems?

Perhaps Newell and his fellow “Senior Lecturers” have not lived up to their titles and actually “read” any of it.

No, it’s far easier to attack Dr. Sinnott and the Foundation with logical fallacies than to engage in intellectual discourse on subluxation theory, research and practice as it relates to nervous and immune system function. 

So, I say to the students at AECC – perhaps you should tell your Administration that they should consider hiring Senior Lecturers and “Readers” that are familiar with the science surrounding the strategic competitive advantage of the chiropractic profession instead of internet trolls who boost their egos by sending e-mails to young students bragging about an ad hominem attack on a respected chiropractic leader.

Or perhaps these students might consider attending a chiropractic school that has instructors who actually “read”?


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