Give Thanks for Chiropractic Research!

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Give Thanks for Chiropractic Research!

All the Subluxation Research & Resources in One Place

The chiropractic profession has been under some intense spotlights this past year - especially those of us focused on the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation.

We've had some of our own leaders in chiropractic tell us that vitalism has been dead for decades, that subluxations do not exist, attempts to remove subluxation from our Federal and state laws and a host of other nonsense.

At every turn we have been there to provide the evidence necessary to combat the ignorance and logical fallacies being spread by these people and organizations.

Luckily we have a great deal of research to support what we do and to use in response to the negative attacks.

In fact, no one has the amount of research FOCUSED on vertebral subluxation that we do at McCoy Press. Our tag line is "Subluxation Spoken Here" for a reason. We would challenge you to find a place where so much scientific literature on vertebral subluxation exists in one place.

We have FOUR peer reviewed research journals:

  • Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research
  • Journal of Pediatric Maternal & Family Health - Chiropractic¬†
  • Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research
  • Journal of Scoliosis Rehabilitation

In addition we have a number of research compilations, books, manuscripts, audio programs, educational Powerpoint presentations and a whole lot more!

For all of this we are THANKFUL! And we hope you are too!

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As always I look forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
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