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Chiropractic Residency Program Placed on Probation by CCE

Program at VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Must Respond by December 2017

The chiropractic residency program (“the Program”) at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System in Los Angeles, California was placed on Probation according to an announcement by the Council on Chiropractic Education. According to the CCE's release, the Council took this action due to areas of concern related to program assessment and evaluation.

According to the report, on August 1, 2017, the Council placed the Program on Probation. At the same time, the Council notified the Program that the decision would not become final until after 20 days following receipt of the notification letter, during which time the Program could exercise its right to appeal, since the Council’s procedures define probation as an appealable decision. The Program did not appeal within the allotted time and thus, the probation decision becomes final and public.

The Council determined that the Program is in significant non-compliance with the CCE Requirements for Accreditation of Residency Programs, Section 2.A, Mission/Purpose, Planning and Assessment.

The chiropractic program commented on the CCE sanction stating:

"The chiropractic residency program at the Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System greatly appreciates the insightful feedback provided throughout the accreditation process by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). We have found the CCE’s input to be invaluable in the quest for continuous improvement. The process has been collegial and instructive, and we are working diligently to address the noted concern and make the needed improvements as quickly as possible. We welcome the CCE’s feedback to verify our progress as we strive to meet and exceed all requirements."

According to the Chiropractic Integrated Clinical Practice Residency Program Handbook from the LA VA the Residency Program is affiliated with the College of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS).  The Los Angeles Chiropractic College was also placed on probation this year by the CCE. The CCE stated the Program is in significant non-compliance with the CCE Standards & Policies.

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According to the CCE, probation may be imposed at any time when the Council concludes that the DCRP is in significant noncompliance with one or more eligibility requirements, accreditation requirements, or CCE policy requirements.

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