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Palmer Chancellor Marchiori Praises ACA's Rebranding Efforts

Tepid Response to ACA's X-Ray Guidelines

Responding to the American Chiropractic Associations (ACA) recent rebranding efforts, Dennis Marchiori DC, the Chancellor of the Palmer system, sent a statement to Palmer College of Chiropractic Alumni praising the ACA stating they ". . . should be lauded for its efforts to improve communication and care."

The letter also includes a tepid response to the ACA's adoption of extremely restrictive and anti-subluxation x-ray guidelines.

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The ACA created a storm of controversy when it released a list of five tests it states are commonly ordered but not always necessary in chiropractic care. The recommendation includes the admonition to not take spinal x-rays in acute low back pain patients unless there are so called Red Flags and to never take repeat x-rays to monitor progress.

The recommendations by the ACA, which has been pushing hard to remove subluxation language from Medicare and to expand the scope of practice of chiropractic nationwide including drugs, are at odds with what is considered to be a standard of care within chiropractic.

The x-ray standards obviously do not allow for the taking of x-rays to assess the biomechanical components of vertebral subluxation or to assess for contraindications prior to spinal adjusting.

All ACA members must now sign a pledge promising to adhere to the ACA's new guidelines.

Half of the chiropractors on Palmer's Board of Trustees are ACA members according to the ACA's directory, including the Chair of the Board: Trevor V. Ireland, D.C.

The other Board members who also support the ACA as members are:

Donna Craft DC
Michael Chance DC

In his letter to Alumni, Marchiori made no mention of vertebral subluxation. Instead, Marchiori stated it did "... not support the narrow scope of plain film use endorsed by the ACA".

Stating that clinical decisions are "not typically black and white" Marchiori urged practitioners to consider the dangers of exposure to ionizing radiation, the costs associated with it, and the inconvenience of time for the patient.

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