Sherman College Addresses Mandatory Vaccination & Consent Issues

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Sherman College Addresses Mandatory Vaccination & Consent Issues

States College Respects the Right to Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

As vaccination mandates for students and health care workers spread throughout the United States, chiropractors and chiropractic college students are increasingly becoming caught up in the fight for their personal autonomy. At the time of this writing, Oregon, California and Denver have mandated COVID vaccines for all health care workers. Oregon is home to the University of Western States which houses a chiropractic college and California is home to two chiropractic Colleges: LIFE West and Palmer West. Thus far none of those schools have issued any statements on the vaccination issue or how it will impact their faculty and students.    

Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC recently issued a Press Release focused on the principles of informed consent, personal autonomy and freedom of choice in health care. The following is the full text of that statement: 

Sherman College of Chiropractic embraces the ethical principles of informed consent and personal autonomy in making health care decisions. Individuals have the right to make informed decisions concerning whether to accept or reject medical and other healthcare interventions. All medications and procedures carry an element of risk, and individuals are entitled to decide whether to accept or reject the potential benefits and risks of any drug or intervention without fraud, duress, or coercion. In acknowledging patient autonomy, Sherman College of Chiropractic adheres to the ethical principles of maintaining respect, integrity, and veracity. Sherman College of Chiropractic has not and does not require vaccination of students or staff. The college acknowledges that this is a personal decision for each individual. Furthermore, the college respects the right to freedom of choice in healthcare on the basis of personal, philosophical and religious beliefs.

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