Sherman College of Chiropractic Hosts International Research and Philosophy Symposium

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Sherman Hosts IRAPS
Sherman Hosts IRAPS
Keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Kent, president of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, addressed the audience at Sherman College's 8th Annual IRAPS this past weekend.  His topic, "Winning the Debate on Vertebral Subluxation: An overview of the contemporary scientific literature and more," provided an overview of the how, where, and why of chiropractic's current standing as a profession.  Dr. Kent's discussion of the term "salutogenesis," which comes from the Latin salus = health and the Greek genesis = origin, meaning "how people manage stress and stay well," stirred much healthy discussion from the guests.  

Epigeneticist and NZCC faculty member Dr. Bruce Lipton has said that "a cell cannot be in growth and defense at the same time."  Dr. Kent further extrapolated that an organism cannot be in growth and defense at the same time, nor can an entire profession.  The subluxation-based chiropractic community must take a proactive, rather than reactive, stance on the potential changes within our profession.

Dr. Matthew McCoy, Foundation vice-president, shared revealing video footage during his presentation on "The Economic, Academic, and Political State of the Chiropractic Profession and its Implications for the Subluxation Centered Community."  The video clip features Dr. James Winterstein of National University of Health Sciences discussing his plans for Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine

Foundation Executive Board Member, Dr. Veronica Gutierrez, shared her extensive background in legislation and regulatory affairs for chiropractic at IRAPS.  Dr. Gutierrez offered her expertise and encouraged the chiropractic community to take action in her speech on, "Political Action and the Subluxation Centered Chiropractor - Steps to Engagement."  Her presentation reaffirmed the fact that we must become involved with the political and regulatory processes on local, state, and national levels in order to remain a viable faction of the profession.

Students from Life University, Sherman College, and Several representatives of various chiropractic techniques, most numerably Sacro-Occipital and Blair Techniques, shared their scientific and philosophical research endeavors with the audience.

Veteran speakers and attendees of IRAPS reported that 2011 drew one of the largest crowds they have seen.  The 2011 Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers graduation ceremony took place in conjunction with the conference.  IRAPS was co-sponsored by the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations, The Seattle Upper Cervical Research Institute, OnPointe Seminars, and The Best Mission Trip Ever.  

See you at IRAPS 2012!