Over 40 Chiropractic Organizations, Foundations, Schools & Businesses Sign On to Resolutions Calling for Freedom in Chiropractic Education, Regulation and Testing

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Over 40 Chiropractic Organizations, Foundations, Schools & Businesses Sign On to Resolutions Calling for Freedom in Chiropractic Education, Regulation and Testing

Groups Call for an End to the Cartel Run Monopoly in Chiropractic

Over 40 chiropractic organizations, non-profit foundations, schools and chiropractic businesses have signed on to a series of Resolutions calling for a free and competitive marketplace in chiropractic education, licensing and practice.

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The united statement describes the history of chiropractic educational accreditation, licensing, testing and regulation and calls for drastic change.

The history and related events described have led to the existence of what Dr. Lawrence J. DeNardis of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) of the U.S. Department of Education, referred to as a "virtual cartel" that enjoys a monopoly within chiropractic.

It is this monopoly that has led to the widespread marginalization of the factions within the chiropractic profession that seek to educate, license and practice within a conservative model of chiropractic. In many countries, and some states, it is becoming nearly impossible to practice conservative chiropractic. These actions have led to the portrayal of chiropractors who practice in a subluxation model as practicing below the standard of care. Caring for asymptomatic people, especially children, philosophical and scientific underpinnings of chiropractic such as life force, innate intelligence and vitalism are openly mocked by those in positions of power within the Cartel.

According to Christopher Kent DC, JD, President of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation - one of the signers of the Resolutions: "These Resolutions are clear that no one is calling for the dissolution or end of any organization. The only thing these Resolutions call for is the end of a monopoly run by a Cartel." Kent continued "The monopolistic language should be removed in order to allow for a free and competitive marketplace in chiropractic education, testing and practice. You would have to question the motives of anyone in chiropractic who would be against that".

The website also has a list of FAQ's to address issues brought up by those who want the Cartel and related monopoly to continue.

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The Resolutions also call for an end to the use of federally back student loan money along with state tax dollars, staff and resources being used to fund this Cartel.

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH stated "Chiropractic students are saddled with enough student loan debt as it is, so the added burden of using student debt to fund the machinations of a monopoly cartel only adds salt to the wounds and should be viewed with outrage by those in leadership positions." McCoy continued "Everyone in the profession should be outraged by how our students and their debt are treated as piggy banks by the Chiropractic Cartel."

The signatories to the Resolutions are calling on other principled chiropractic organizations, foundations, companies and individuals to add their names in support of this effort. Over the coming weeks and months they will be putting out more information about what you can do in your state to make these changes happen.

To add your organization, business, school, or other entity to the list of those already endorsing it please send an email to vertebralsubluxation@gmail.com

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