Washington State Board Punishing Chiropractors for Not Submitting to Forced Vaccinations & Masking

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Washington State Board Punishing Chiropractors for Not Submitting to Forced Vaccinations & Masking

Chiropractors on Board Currently Pursuing Multiple Chiropractors for not Following Unscientific Mandates & Unlawful Orders

According to publicly available disciplinary proceedings in Washington State, the chiropractors on the Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission (WSCQAC) are aggressively pursuing chiropractors who have not obeyed the draconian, unscientific and unlawful agency actions related to COVID.

A review of records in multiple cases initiated by the chiropractic board shows they went so far as to sic Department of Health Investigators on chiropractors' offices unannounced to catch them "violating" the mandates.

Sometimes multiple investigators were sent to clinics who apparently intimidated employees and forced them to put masks on while they stood in their waiting rooms flashing their credentials.

In other cases the investigators employed these gestapo like tactics multiple times for the same clinic going back to check and make sure the clinics were following their commands.

Commands that, by the way, have all been shown to be utter nonsense since the scientific literature on everything from masks to vaccinations to distancing and washing your groceries have been shown to be unscientific.

And while the "pandemic" has been over for some time, according to the chiropractic board it won't magically be over in Washington State until April 2, 2023 when somehow COVID will suddenly no longer be a threat. It can still get you on April 1st though.

In fact, the chiropractors who sit on the Washington board judging all their fellow chiropractors held a Special Meeting in December 2022 because they were apparently too afraid to meet in person for their next meeting because the Commission determined that they "cannot hold an in-person meeting with reasonable safety because of the emergency."

All members voted in favor of the motion.

Yes, you read that correctly. It was UNANIMOUS. One might forgive the couple of lay people on the Commission who have bought into the fear narrative and lies related to the promulgation of unscientific theories - but what about the chiropractors sitting on the board who make up the majority?

Not a single one of them had the courage to stand up for the truth? Not one of them even had the courage to abstain from voting?

And the same goes for all of the cases brought before them where chiropractors were punished for not enforcing the mandates. Why didn't any of them, at any point stand up and say they were not going to perpetuate this nonsense?

The members of the Chiropractic Board include:

  • Dana Clum, DC, chiropractor member, chair
  • Jaskirat Walia, DC, chiropractor member, vice-chair
  • Brian Chan, DC, chiropractor member
  • Stephen Chan, DC, chiropractor member
  • William Davis, DC, chiropractor member
  • David Folweiler, DC, chiropractor member
  • Michael Long, DC, chiropractor member
  • Benjamin Zepeda, DC, chiropractor member
  • Vanessa Wise, DC, chiropractor member, vice-chair
  • Susan Bogni, MPA, Executive Committee member, public member
  • Susan Jensen, JD, public member
  • Judge Julie Spector (ret.), public member

Did these chiropractors forget the Oath they took:

"I will serve my patient to the best of my ability, violating neither his confidences nor his or her dignity, and in my association with patients I shall not violate that which is moral and right."

Reviewing the websites of the chiropractors on the board one can see that many of them don't fully grasp the underlying principles of chiropractic and at least one is still promulgating the unscientific nonsense that him being vaccinated protects others:

"Our staff has been fully vaccinated, for your protection."

Then there are others who are apparently living their life in contradiction stating things like:

" . . . miracles occur when the power of the body is allowed to fully express and heal itself."

. . . meanwhile they are voting to punish their peers for actually practicing what they preach but they only have the courage to put on their websites.

We were first made aware of the foolishness embraced by the Washington chiropractic board when they dragged Gerry Clum out via video to tell chiropractors to put their masks on in a scathing attack on Washington chiropractors refusing to go along. Without any hesitation Clum asserted that masks and hand sanitizer protected their patients.

Clum's comments were directed at what he described as "recalcitrant activity and behavior on the part of practitioners" stating that noncompliance with masks and other measures will force the Governor to conclude that chiropractors present a "threat" and that the ability of chiropractors to practice "could be stopped in Washington State in the blink of an eye."

CLICK HERE for that story.

Perhaps the chiropractors on the Board should all get a copy of Fred Barge's book: "Life Without Fear"

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