Honoring Legacy: Dr. Thom Gelardi's Sculptured Tribute Unveiled at Sherman

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Honoring Legacy: Dr. Thom Gelardi's Sculptured Tribute Unveiled at Sherman

Unveiling the Past, Inspiring the Future

On a particularly memorable Monday, Sherman College witnessed the union of art and history. A beautifully crafted bust of Dr. Thom Gelardi, now prominently displayed at the entrance of the Gelardi Student Center, stands as a testament to the college’s deep-seated reverence for its roots and enduring commitment to chiropractic education.

The Generosity of Drs. Fumio and Aiko Kaku

This striking sculpture, which now greets everyone stepping into the heart of the college, was gifted by Drs. Fumio and Aiko Kaku. Dr. Fumio Kaku's remarkable contributions extend far beyond this gracious gift. He is renowned as the founder and president of the Japan Specific Chiropractic School and the Japan Specific Chiropractic Association (JSCA). This donation symbolizes the intertwined histories and shared visions of chiropractic practices worldwide.

Dr. Thom Gelardi: The Spine of Sherman College

Sherman College has grown from a vision into an esteemed institution, largely due to the tireless efforts and dedication of Dr. Thom Gelardi. With his wife, Dr. Betty Gelardi, by his side, they laid the cornerstone for what the college stands for today. The touching ceremony of the bust unveiling brought forward heartfelt memories and stories from the past. Dr. Gelardi's remark, about the collective effort it took to bring the college to life, humbly omitted his pivotal role in that process.

His connection to the institution goes beyond just being its founder. Dr. Gelardi's philosophy, his commitment to the principles of chiropractic, and his tireless efforts to ensure that the college remains on its distinct mission have been the guiding forces for Sherman College.

A Journey Towards A Chiropractic Utopia

During the ceremony, Dr. Bourla's words encapsulated the college's resolute dedication to its mission. He emphasized the importance of vertebral subluxation analysis and correction, reflecting on the broader vision for a world without vertebral subluxation. This utopian vision, as articulated by B.J. Palmer in Stephenson’s Article 399, serves as an inspiration, motivating the Sherman community to continuously strive towards excellence.

The sculptured tribute to Dr. Gelardi not only immortalizes his legacy but also serves as a constant reminder for the Sherman College community. It represents the sacrifices, hard work, and collective efforts that went into building the institution and fortifying its commitment to the chiropractic profession. Every student, faculty member, and visitor passing by this bust will be reminded of the roots of the college and the grand vision it upholds.

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