On Purpose Politics August 2023: Navigating the Political Landscape

On Purpose
On Purpose Politics August 2023: Navigating the Political Landscape

Analyzing the Impact of Politics on Chiropractic Care and Its Future

Get ready to embark on a journey into the intriguing intersection of politics, chiropractic care, and the future direction of the chiropractic profession. The August 2023 edition of "On Purpose", hosted by the dynamic duo Dr. Christopher Kent and co-host Dr. Matthew McCoy, promises to be a captivating exploration of the latest political developments affecting chiropractic care.

In this exclusive episode, Dr. Kent and Dr. McCoy will dissect a selection of timely and thought-provoking articles that shed light on the complex relationship between politics and chiropractic. Join us as we uncover how political decisions influence the practice of chiropractic, the management of vertebral subluxation, and the ever-evolving landscape of the chiropractic profession. Here's a glimpse of the compelling articles that will be at the heart of their discussion:

1. RMIT University's Chiropractic Program: Explore the repercussions of RMIT University's decision to discontinue its chiropractic program in Victoria, as discussed in Ebrall P's article. Discover how this development impacts chiropractic education and the profession's future.

2. Open Letter to NBCE: Delve into the significance of an open letter addressed to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) dated July 26, 2023. Understand the concerns and proposals outlined in this pivotal document.

3. Resolutions for a Free and Competitive Marketplace: Investigate the resolutions aimed at fostering a free and competitive marketplace in chiropractic education, licensing, and practice. This article, available at [ChiropracticCartel.com](https://chiropracticcartel.com/), explores the potential changes on the horizon.

4. Scope Expansion in Florida: Gain insight into the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine's plans to expand the scope of chiropractic practice to include drug administration. Discover the implications of this proposed change for chiropractors in Florida and beyond.

5. Dry Needling in Florida: Explore the Florida Chiropractic Association's pursuit of a declaratory ruling to expand the scope of chiropractic care through dry needling. Understand how this practice expansion could shape the future of chiropractic in the state.

6. The Surprising Health Benefits of Petting Dogs: Amidst the political discussions, take a moment to uncover a delightful article from NPR about the positive health effects of petting other people's dogs. A delightful and heartwarming revelation!

This episode promises to be a unique opportunity to grasp the intricacies of politics and its impact on chiropractic care. Dr. Kent and Dr. McCoy will provide valuable insights, expert analysis, and thought-provoking commentary on each article, helping you navigate the complex world of chiropractic politics with clarity and understanding.

Don't miss the August 2023 edition of "On Purpose" as we unravel the political threads that shape the chiropractic profession. Tune in at [ChiroOnPurpose.com] to join the conversation and stay informed about the political landscape affecting chiropractic care. This podcast episode will empower you with knowledge and perspectives that are essential for anyone invested in the future of chiropractic. Join us on this enlightening journey into the world of politics and chiropractic care, where understanding paves the way for progress.

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