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New Study Sheds Light on Prevalence of Vertebral Subluxation and Its Implications for Health Promotion and Prevention

ATLANTA, Georgia – 2024

A groundbreaking study titled "Secondary Analysis of a Dataset to Estimate the Prevalence of Vertebral Subluxation and Its Implications for Health Promotion and Prevention" has been published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. Conducted by Christie Kwon, this pioneering research provides unprecedented insights into the prevalence of vertebral subluxation (VS) and its potential impact on public health.

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The study, which analyzed data from 1851 patient records across seven chiropractic clinics in four states, reveals a staggering 78.55% prevalence of VS among individuals seeking chiropractic care. This high rate of prevalence raises significant questions about the role of chiropractic care in primary prevention and health promotion.

Key Findings of the Study:

- The overall prevalence of VS in the study sample is 78.55%.

- There is a notable gender disparity, with 80.15% prevalence among males and 77.17% among females.

- Age-stratified analysis indicates a higher prevalence in younger age groups, with a prevalence of 86.33% in the 18-30 age group, decreasing to 73.88% in those over 70.

- The study suggests that chiropractic care might play a crucial role in primary prevention and health maintenance.

"This study is a significant step forward in understanding the epidemiology of vertebral subluxation," said Christie Kwon, lead author of the study. "The high prevalence of VS identified in our sample indicates a potential public health issue. Our findings emphasize the importance of chiropractic care in health promotion and prevention strategies."

The study's methodology involved a comprehensive analysis of patient demographics, clinical presentations, and radiographic data to estimate the prevalence of VS. The findings indicate that a considerable proportion of the population seeking chiropractic care presents with VS, underscoring the necessity for further research into its role in health and wellbeing.

The publication of this study is a call to action for the healthcare community to recognize the potential of chiropractic care in addressing widespread health concerns. It also highlights the need for more extensive research into the epidemiology of VS and its long-term health implications. 

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