COCSA Claims "States Rights" When it Comes to Drugs in Chiropractic

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 Dr. Kate Rufolo
Dr. Kate Rufolo

In a letter to State Association members, COCSA President Kate Rufolo-Dreher DC BS DAAPM, reaffirmed COCSA's stance of non-interference in states' efforts to expand their scope to include drugs.

On the one hand stating that COCSA had reaffirmed the ACC Paradigm on the issue of drugless and non-surgical, the COCSA letter then seemed to contradict itself by stating this issue should be left to each state to decide.

Beyond the fact that scope of practice is inherently up to each state regardless of what any group or organization says, the letter gives the "All Clear" assurance to state associations that COCSA will not interfere with efforts at expanding scope.


Dear State Executives,

Good afternoon. I am writing this email as a follow up to our call yesterday. I have been informed that there has been an influx of phone calls to a former president of COCSA by a number of doctors who are concerned that our conference call yesterday was designed to push an agenda where COCSA would strongly support the addition of drugs to the profession. I am certain that this was a serious miscommunication and much like the game "telephone" the original message and the message finally received are not even close. So allow me to reiterate the concerns from the call and address this issue as well:

1. COCSA has reaffirmed the ACC paradigm as it currently stands and we believe that the profession of chiropractic is drug-less and non-surgical.
2. COCSA also strongly reaffirms to support the profession but also supports the sovereign right of the States to determine the scope of practice for their doctors based on the laws governing those states as well as the opinion of their doctors.
3. We have no overt opposition to any group, association or coalition even though we may not agree.
4. We DO however have a responsibility to serve our members and to strengthen the State Associations and as such when we have concrete knowledge of a group, association or coalition who is attempting to harm or interfere with the appropriate working activities of our state association members, it is our due diligence to be informative and provide communication and resources as necessary to assist.
5. Yesterday's conference call was informative with regard to some attempts to disrupt the legislative processes of some of our associations and also membership within some of our associations.
6. Yesterday's conference call was also to inform you of our response letter to CCE to make sure that they cease "regulation in a vacuum" and respond to the concerns of COCSA so that our membership can have full disclosure should they be questioned by members or non-members.
7. At no time has COCSA ever pushed an agenda to expand the scope of the profession as we believe that although discussion may occur, it is ultimately up to the states and as an organization I would refer you back to item 1.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to this email. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and thank you for your continued dedication to COCSA and this profession.

Best regards,

Dr. Kate C. Rufolo-Dreher DC BS DAAPM
President ~ Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
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