Proving the Power of Chiropractic

David Walls-Kaufman
Proving the Power of Chiropractic

We are giving you the power to demonstrate chiropractic's ability to transform our world and wipe away vast plains of needless disease and pain suffering and confusion about sickness and death.

Doc, you don't know the power of what you do. That knowledge will blow you and your patient away. The power of the ordinary chiropractic adjustment that you use every day blew the minds of top-flight genetics researchers in the 1980s.

And they TRIED to report their findings, but guess what? . . . Conflicts of interest jammed the medical journal presses.

Can you believe it?

But now, you can bring top-flight genetics research capability into your tiny Stop N' Pop Spine Shop in Podunk. (Hat tip, Christopher Kent). So, what do we do? . . . You can bring five-star genetics research into your office to show your patient proof that your focus on the nervous system is so changing their health potential that they won't care what Big Pharma says. Potentially every person will stick around for the three years it takes you to get nearly all human beings DNA repair maximized and lower their risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes down to 5%.

A 5% risk. . . . That's what the research says about your adjustments.

The top-flight research proof is the well known connection between glutathione and total plasma Thiols and human life span and disease risk. Opening the window on DNA repair proves you are changing life experience more than anything ever seen in the scientific era.

You . . . Not drugs or surgery.

Use the DNA repair test now available from Serum Thiol Repair Tech labs as you would your report on x-rays, MRI, sEMG, posture, alignment and spinal degeneration relating to health. Step up to get tests for your practice and focus on DNA repair in your Report of Findings. Enough people will stick around for the proof of long-term chiropractic care that the doubters and skeptics won't matter anymore.

I am using the test in my office and my patients are impressed with:

1) I care so much about their health
2) I'm so cutting edge
3) my confidence in proving how nothing in the world lowers their disease risk and aging like chiropractic when long-term chiropractic is used for health rather than symptoms
4) such a powerful health influence like chiropractic could be ignored for so long by institutions and leaders that were trusted to have the public's best interests aggressively at heart.

Doctors, incorporate the total plasma Thiols test from Serum Thiol Repair Tech and become conversant in its simple message to the human race about what you do.

This is the evidence always missing from your teachings to your community. It's been hit or miss because you never had the proof. Now, you've got the proof.

Go to and see how chiropractic changed over night.

Serum Thiol

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman