Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Get Rid of the Term Subluxation - Past Board Member of Arkansas Chiropractic Association.

Calls Chiropractors Narrow & Myopic

In a current article in Dynamic Chiropractic, Dr. John Bomar, a 1978 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, a past board member of the Arkansas Chiropractic Association and a founding board member of the Arkansas Chiropractic Educational Society, tells the “defenders of the faith” that the term subluxation is “ambiguous and misleading”.

Blaming the word Subluxation for confusion and controversy in health care, Bomar wants the profession to utilize the term “spinal biomechanical lesion” as he believes it is:

“a very descriptive term, and one that should be well-understood by any and all who have training and study in the field of medical terminology. It's a phrase that is easy to get your head around, no matter your particular discipline.”

In his article, Bomar derides conclusions from what he refers to as “miniscule differences in measurements” from x-rays that “have little or no basis in science”.  Without offering a single reference he asserts that “standard orthopedic lines” of mensuration are exceptions “without using the bewildering and perplexing term subluxation complex.”
Bomar contends the term subluxation has “outlived its usefulness” and that it only “adds to the confusion and distrust of our motives and methods.”

Calling chiropractors “narrow and myopic” Bomar calls for putting the term, which he describes as a “millstone and albatross around our necks”, to rest.

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