Colorado Board Member Abercrombie States Some Chiropractors Adhere to Antiquated, Non-scientific Beliefs

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Chad Abercrombie DC
Chad Abercrombie DC

Targets Subluxation and Long Term Care

Beyond the rogue nature of the Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners in regards to their attempts to add drugs to the scope of practice in their state are the extreme views at least one of them has in regards to subluxation based chiropractic.

According to Colorado Board Member Chad Abercrombie’s website, Abercrombie and the other chiropractors in his office believe that subluxation based chiropractors practice antiquated, non-scientific beliefs.

Just what are some of these antiquated, non-scientific beliefs?: Long term care and subluxation only diagnoses for example.

In fact, they go so far as to post this on their website in order to alert the public and other health care providers.

On a page devoted to educating other health care providers Abercrombie and his Colleagues Scott Rosenquist and Scott Oliphant state:

At Alliance Health Partners, we rely on evidence-based protocols – we only accept patients we know will benefit from chiropractic care, based upon clinical experience, scientific research and proven techniques. If a patient’s condtion is not responding to our treatment or does not fall within our scope of practice, we will diligently find them the proper care they need.

We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to patient care. Over the years, Dr. Rosenquist, Dr. Abercrombie and Dr. Oliphant have developed close associations with physiatrists, orthopedists, neurologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, family practice physicians, nurse practitiioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, massage therapists and other healthcare providers.

Unfortunately within the chiropractic profession, there remain practitioners who adhere to antiquated, non-scientific beliefs.

They go on to invoke long term care and subluxation only diagnoses as examples of antiquated, non scientific beliefs and state in bold letters that they do not support these.

This should not be news to anyone who has been following the Colorado Chiropractic Board over the years. In 2005 the Colorado Board adopted a policy ostensibly outlawing chiropractors from adopting a practice objective focused solely on the management of vertebral subluxation.

Now, imagine that you are a subluxation based chiropractor and you are brought before the board for some reason and it involves your practice as a subluxation based chiropractor. What chance do you have defending yourself when at least one of the Board members is an avowed anti-subluxation zealot?

What is even more ridiculous, and publicly displays the ignorance of Drs. Abercrombie, Rosenquist and Oliphant, is how they cloak themselves throughout their website in “Evidence based” practice. You see, subluxation based chiropractic is antiquated and unscientific but everything they do is completely scientific and modern. They proudly promote that they provide:

  • Objective, science-based care.
  • Effective, proven chiropractic techniques
  • Defendable, reasonable treatment plans

Yes, objective, science based care and proven techniques.

Like Dry Needling.

As one colleague of mine remarked when she saw this: “The evidence for dry needling wouldn’t fit in a thimble.”

By the way, Abercrombie and his band of evidenced based Merry Men are not alone on the Colorado Board when it comes to Dry Needling. Colorado Chiropractic Board Member Julie Scott sings its praises as well.

In fact Dr. Julie Scott says on her website:

"Dry Needling gets results fast. Most conditions will require 3-6 treatments."

I wonder if she showed the evidence and science behind that claim to her colleague Dr. Abercrombie? Isn’t there some policy or rule against making unsubstantiated claims in the State of Colorado?

But this should not surprise anyone. Here is what our science based board member Dr. Scott says about how chiropractic can help Osteoporosis:

Spinal misalignments are associated with tight and inflamed spinal ligaments and muscles and restricted mobility in the neck, lower back, and/or mid-back. These factors result in deficient flow of information between the nerve system and the rest of your body. When your cells and tissues aren’t receiving the correct information they need, symptoms and disease are the likely result.

Sounds a lot like the antiquated, non-scientific claims that Abercrombie and his colleagues have so much disdain for.

Interestingly and not coincidentally, Dry Needling is one of the new procedures that were included in the passage of Rule 7. So, in addition to legend drugs and dry needling, they also adopted Manipulation Under Anesthesia and EKG's.

Of course Abercrombie, Rosenquist and Oliphant are not to be outdone by Dr. Scott. You see they have a whole host of evidence based products you can buy from them including pills for headaches, pillows to improve the quality of sleep and lots more. All of which I’m certain are backed by just tons of evidence based research.

And that’s not all – Abercrombie and his team can also perform Independent Medical Examinations and Peer Review. So if you find yourself dealing with an antiquated, nonscientific chiropractor who is attempting to manage vertebral subluxation instead of needling trigger points, doing MUA's or giving dubious remedies call them right away.

Then in the biggest contradiction possible Abercrombie states on his website:

We offer affordable supportive care programs that give you access to our services as needed, once your pain syndrome stabilizes.

These wouldn’t be “long term care” programs would they Dr. Abercrombie?

At least one patient has been going to see them for NINE years:

“I have been coming to this office off and on for nine years as needed, as I trust everyone who works to help restore my health. Everyone on staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful when I am treated in your facility. I never hesitate to recommend this office to anyone needing help, even though I live in Pueblo. I won’t go anywhere else!”
And just what does Abercrombie think of Dr. Julie Scott’s recommendation for women:

Be sure to get adjusted regularly. Chiropractic care is important to help maintain a healthy skeletal structure and nervous system function throughout a pregnancy and childbirth.

By “get adjusted regularly” does she mean long term care? Oh my.
You can’t make this stuff up. And the only reason they get away with it is because subluxation based chiropractors let them.

I’ll ask you again: Imagine that you are a subluxation based chiropractor and you are brought before the board for some reason and it involves your practice as a subluxation based chiropractor. What chance do you have defending yourself when at least one of the Board members is an avowed anti-subluxation zealot.

Good luck.

As always I look forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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