ACA Endorses CCE - Cements Role in Chiropractic Cartel

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ACA Endorses CCE - Cements Role in Chiropractic Cartel

In what is perhaps the most clear and recent evidence that the chiropractic profession is seriously divided politically and philosophically, the American Chiropractic Association released it's cover letter to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity’s (NACIQI) regarding review of the petition of the Council on Chiropractic Education’s (CCE) for renewal of its recognition as an accrediting agency.

In their letter the ACA tells the NACIQI that:

  • The ACA is the largest association in America representing the chiropractic profession.
  • The ACA has great respect for the CCE’s accreditation protocols and principles.
  • They Perceive the CCE to be mission driven, peer reviewed, and both evidence and outcome based.
  • They perceive a consistent improvement in the quality of chiropractic education, which we believe is the result of CCE’s programs and active leadership.
  • They are pleased to note that the vast majority of state boards of chiropractic licensure agree with this, as is evidenced by their requirement that their licensees have graduated from chiropractic colleges that are CCE accredited.

The clear divisions in the profession are highlighted by the outpouring of comments submitted by practicing chiropractors that stand in direct contradistinction from what the ACA “perceives”. A massive outpouring of support from the conservative, traditional faction of chiropractic was demonstrated through a Facebook campaign that ended up with nearly 10,000 members.  It appears more than 1500 complaints were lodged against the CCE with the Federal Government committee and perhaps thousands more are still being processed.

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation under the leadership of Christopher Kent DC, JD also submitted a 17 page document detailing 6 specific violations of the Federal Government’s recognition criteria by the CCE. The International Chiropractors Association filed a 27 page complaint detailing 17 violations.

The ACA letter of support for the CCE comes on the heels of their recent House of Delegates (HOD) meeting in Oregon where the focus of the meeting was the promotion of the role of chiropractors as primary care providers. Rumors had already spread that the ACA’s HOD had voted to support the profession’s move into drugs and injections. The ACA did not respond to requests for comments on these issues.

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation stands ready to oppose the hijacking of the chiropractic profession by those who wish to medicalize it. The Foundation calls on other like minded organizations to stop wasting time with supposed "unity" efforts that are merely veiled attempts to get the focus off the real agenda of the Chiropractic Cartel.

For more information please see the Foundation's Strategic Plan and for a list of the Top Ten things you can do to help.