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AECC Researcher Member of Subluxation Denier Group

Dead Subluxation Society Says Subluxations Do Not Exist

Dave Newell BSc MSc PhD FRCC (Hon) FEAC Reader and Director of Research at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) has recently become a member of the Dead Subluxation Society a closed, members only Facebook group.

Newel joins 327 current members of the Dead Subluxation Society (DSS) including other prominent members of the chiropractic academic, research, trade and regulatory community.

According to the About section of the DSS:

"In this group you will find Chiropractors that do not believe in Subluxation as a therapeutic construct. Scientifically it does not exist, professionally it has been bastardized. It's DEAD."  

Students considering where to attend chiropractic school or current students are encouraged to see if any of the instructors and/or administrators at those schools are members of this group.

Subluxation centered chiropractors in clinical practice are encouraged to find out who the members of this group are in case any of these individuals are in regulatory positions and have any influence over such things as board actions, licensing, malpractice matters etc. Most states have language in their laws consistent with subluxation management so these individuals may have a conflict of interest in regards to their positions.  

This information may be helpful should you find yourself being brought before a regulatory board with members who are supporters of this group or in malpractice litigation where the opposing expert was or is a member. 


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