The Florida Chiropractic Society: Promoting Florida's Backbone

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The Florida Chiropractic Society: Promoting Florida's Backbone

Building Bridges, Enhancing Health, Protecting Principled Chiropractic

There's a saying: "Behind every movement, there's a backbone." The Florida Chiropractic Society (FCS) is that backbone when it comes to the health and well-being of the residents of Florida and the protection of Principled chiropracTIC. With a new legislative season around the corner in January 2024, FCS is making moves, and it's time we discuss their incredible strides.

The Legislative Dance: Building Relationships

Legislation and healthcare are two domains that deeply impact one another. That's why it's paramount to have organizations like the FCS who actively participate in the legislative process. This offseason, they've been working tirelessly, meeting with lawmakers to ensure that chiropractic remains separate and distinct in our state.

Two notable mentions from these efforts:

- Rep. Sam Garrison: A key player in the Florida House. Before his interaction with the FCS, Rep. Garrison had never experienced the benefits of chiropractic. But, after a delightful dinner and enlightening conversations, he had an eye-opening introduction to its significance. We commend Rep. Garrison for being open-minded and giving chiropractic the time and consideration it deserves.

- Rep. Danny Perez: Another influential voice in the Florida House, Rep. Perez had limited awareness about chiropractic. However, his exposure to the FCS mission left a lasting impression. We're enthusiastic about the promising relationship forming between Rep. Perez and FCS, heralding a future where chiropractic care gets the recognition it rightly deserves.

Stepping Up For The Cause

The FCS Board is indefatigably dedicated to upholding the society's mission in the vibrant state of Florida. Yet, such a vast mission can't be achieved single-handedly. The coming year is pivotal. Anticipated challenges loom on the horizon, making it imperative for every supporter to rally around the cause.

If you have direct ties with any of Florida's legislators, now's the time to bridge connections. And if you haven't, you can still contribute powerfully. The FCS has established a PAC (Political Action Committee), which is financially backed by every board member. Your contribution to this PAC can make a massive difference.

Wondering how to chip in? Consider making a donation to the FCS PAC. Such times of challenge and transition call for unity, and every bit of support is invaluable.

CLICK HERE to support the PAC

A Note of Gratitude

To every reader, supporter, and believer in the potential of chiropractic care: Thank you. Your continued encouragement fuels the determination and efforts of the Florida Chiropractic Society.

Support and learn more about the Florida Chiropractic Society. Together, let's realign the future of chiropracTIC in Florida.

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