About McCoy Press . . .

McCoy Press is dedicated to publishing progressive, health related content that will help push the needed paradigm shift in health care in the right direction. We are about rational, thoughtful and progressive discussions on the current health care crisis.

Our content includes:

  • Research Journals
  • Trade Newspaper
  • Monographs
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  • Health News

We believe that information, insight, knowledge and critical thinking are the only things that will lead us out of the crisis in health care. To that end we are dedicated to adding to the discussion and being thought leaders.

Relative to chiropractic McCoy Press publishes The Chronicle of Chiropractic which is the source of reporting on conservative, traditional chiropractic. The profession of chiropractic is undergoing intense and dramatic change and this change will continue for some time. We endeavor to be a source of crucial information for that faction of the profession wishing to remain separate and distinct from allopathic medicine.