Michigan Association of Chiropractors Supports ACA’s Scope Expansion Efforts in Medicare

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Michigan Association of Chiropractors Supports ACA’s Scope Expansion Efforts in Medicare

Serves as Example of why Alternative State Associations Needed

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has proposed amended Medicare language which will grant patient reimbursement for all covered services allowed to be performed under each state’s scope of practice. The ACA is also pursuing full physician status in Medicare. CLICK HERE for RELATED STORY

According to the ACA’s Vice President, David Herd DC, the majority of the Chiropractic Summit Leadership has voted in favor of the ACA’s plan. The Summit is a self appointed group of chiropractic trade organizations, consultants, schools, practice management groups and corporations seeking to establish chiropractic as primary care and gain full physician status.

These groups, professional organizations and schools are referred to as the Chiropractic Cartel because they enjoy a monopoly on the educational and licensing functions of the entire chiropractic profession throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. 

The Association of Chiropractic Colleges is also a member of the Summit group and the ACC’s Executive Director David O’Bryon, who is not a chiropractor, recently explained the ACC’s support for Medicare scope expansion:

“The proposed bill's objective -- to expand patient access to chiropractic's full scope of practice -- benefits patients, our students who will serve them and is a path to full services as outlined by state scope of practice laws. Successful legislation that provides full reimbursement for care will enable our current students and alums to help make their practices successful and help with student loan expenses. I believe that all parties can agree on this.” 

The Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) recently added their support for scope expansion in Medicare stating:

“The essential services provided by chiropractors can help aging Americans live healthier, happier lives, yet every day our nation’s seniors are being unjustly denied full access to Medicare services by chiropractors that could improve their quality of life. The expansion of chiropractic services under Medicare is a major priority.”

This latest effort by MAC follows on the heels of their efforts to promote chiropractic as the practice of primary care in Michigan by urging chiropractors to contact their legislators to tell them chiropractors are educated and trained to act as portal-of-entry, primary care physicians.


Several years ago there was an effort in Michigan to “unite” the organizations there. What emerged was the MAC and the loss of a voice for the subluxation faction in Michigan and enhanced support for those who support the efforts of the ACA and the rest of the Chiropractic Cartel.

Michigan should serve as a warning to other states considering the merging of their associations. 

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