McTimoney Wins Accreditation Battle

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McTimoney Wins Accreditation Battle

European CCE Finally Grants Full Status 

According to an announcement posted on the website of the European Council on Chiropractic Education, the ECCE has granted Mctimoney College of Chiropractic full accreditation after several years of contentious site visits and decisions by the ECCE. The ECCE is the European arm of the Chiropractic Cartel that controls all educational and licensing functions of the chiropractic profession.

The announcement states:

“ECCE congratulates the McTimoney College of Chiropractic on its accreditation of the full time  4 year Integrated Masters in Chiropractic and Pathway Programme leading to the qualification of MChiro. The Commission on Accreditation at its meeting on 25 November 2016 in London UK decided to accredit the full time programme at McTimoney College of Chiropractic for three years (the maximum time available for first accreditation).”

McTimoney had been engaged in an accreditation battle with ECCE for many years. McTimoney had been denied accreditation last year following a site team visit where the ECCE criticized McTimoney in regards to its philosophical orientation, lack of evidence based practice, technique and, in a shocking statement, for using artwork at the school depicting the 33 Principles as evidence of problems with their educational process.

The site team included Charlotte Leboeuf Yde, PhD a back pain researcher who has voiced her opinions about practicing outside the back pain box in numerous publications. Most striking is this comment about the need to SANITISE practitioners who veer outside her little “treatment” box:

"However, when I look at the rest of the world, I see a divergence developing, a deep cleft between those who are more or less knowledgeable and those who are not. This is not specifically typical of my own profession; I see it among physiotherapists, osteopaths and manipulating medical practitioners as well. Interestingly, this resembles what we see in public health in relation to life-style diseases. The healthy are healthier today than ten years ago and the unhealthy are even worse off than they were ten years ago. Therefore, we have a big task ahead of us, namely to sanitise those professions who deal with the conservative treatment of musculoskeletal disorders."   

Leboeuf Yde has been routinely critical of chiropractors in her research papers suggesting that they do not have the skill nor the time to determine if the research they are reading is really promoting what she calls “illogical, imagination based procedures”.

McTimoney’s accreditation is for an initial three year period. 

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