Maryland Chiro Stefan Getzik Starts Drug Pushing Group

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Maryland Chiro Stefan Getzik Starts Drug Pushing Group

Group Wants to Prescribe Drugs & Believes they Have Training

Stefan Getzik DC, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, along with at least 54 other members have formed a closed Facebook group called the Maryland Doctors of Chiropractic For The Rights To Prescribe Medications.

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Getzik, who is also licensed in Pennsylvania and practiced there briefly before moving to Maryland was quoted in a local newspaper bragging that he considered "medical and osteopathic school" but finally settled on chiropractic and went to Palmer. The article goes on to state that Getzik "finished the seven-year program there in four . . ."

Getzik seems to have bounced around from place to place since his graduation in 2014 in an attempt to start a practice. He lists his current place of employment as a chain of medical clinics called Maryland Healthcare Clinics where he has been working since February of 2017.

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Getzik and his members join a number of other fringe groups operating within the profession that became disillusioned with chiropractic and want to change the scope of practice state by state so they can prescribe drugs. These groups and struggling individuals believe this will bring them money and credibility while also claiming they can help more people. Some go as far to say they will be able to take people off drugs or will prescribe drugs better than MD's or DO's.

Chiropractors can currently prescribe or administer drugs of some type in several states and countries and efforts continue to expand to more.


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