New Mexico Has New Statewide Chiropractic Association

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New Mexico Has New Statewide Chiropractic Association

Organization Focused on Vertebral Subluxation Launched Monday, Sept. 18

Albuquerque, NM, Sept. 18, 2017 — The new Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors (ANMC) officially launches Monday, Sept. 18. The statewide alliance of Chiropractors is the new association to serve the needs of all chiropractors, their practices, and advocate at the statewide level for chiropractic.

Sept. 18 is also Chiropractic Founders Day, the 122nd anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment done by DD Palmer in 1895.

“New Mexico has needed a strong statewide association that represents the interests of all Doctors of Chiropractic and provides guidance as well as advocates for our profession,” said Rod Justice, D.C., Executive Director.

The non-profit ANMC has started with 20 charter members from across the state. The Association is also planning its first statewide convention on March 9-10, 2018.

“Our legislative focus will be for what the majority of our members feel is important for the profession in New Mexico, not what a very small minority feels is best for their individual practices,” said Dr. Phil Uphold, President, Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors. “No matter how you practice, whatever ancillary procedures you use or don't use, what makes us truly unique from any other profession is we are the only ones that locate, analyze, and correct vertebral subluxations.”

The Alliance is also led by Vice President Damian Cata, D.C. of Albuquerque, and Secretary Jacob Robinson, D.C., of Rio Rancho.

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About us:

The Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors is a statewide advocacy group, 100% committed to protecting, promoting and perpetuating chiropractic to benefit the citizens of New Mexico and the chiropractors serving them. The ANMC proclaims that locating, analyzing and correcting Vertebral Subluxations is a just and noble cause, which allows people to express 100% of their innate potential for health and overall well-being, and pharmaceuticals have no place in the scope of practice of chiropractic.


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