LIFE West Professor Dan Murphy Refutes Claims that There is No Evidence of Chiropractic Immunity Connection

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LIFE West Professor Dan Murphy Refutes Claims that There is No Evidence of Chiropractic Immunity Connection

Statements Directly Contradict WFC, ACA, Parker President & Parker Director of Research

As soon as the Coronavirus Pandemic hit chiropractors all over the world geared up to care for the millions of patients who would desperately need their help not only to support them during a time of significant physical, emothional and spiritual stress but to help keep the burden off emergency rooms and hospitals.

At the same time anti-chiropractic factions within the chiropractic profession also jumped in to attack those chiropractors who continued to stay open to serve their patients and attack those chiropractors and organizations that sought to educate their communities about the role of chiropractic and the nervous system in supporting immunity.

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) along with William Morgan President of Parker University and Katherine Pohlman Director of Research at Parker have falsely claimed that there is no credible evidence supporting the beneficial relationship between chiropractic, the nervous system and immune function.

The WFC has put out a hit piece consisting of a highly flawed and biased "rapid review" of literature, the ACA through Keith Overland DC has stated the same in a television interview and Parker University President William Morgan DC conducted an interview with Parker's Director of Research Katherine Pohlman DC, Ph.D who echoed the WFC's document snickering in an interview about it stating "There is no credible research" to support such claims. Morgan threatened chiropractors that if they suggested chiropractic boosted immunity that they would be "under the hand of the law" and that chiropractors were "making claims that they can't back up".

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The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation was quick to respond to the WFC's fatally flawed hit piece and expose the bias and flaws in a document that really turned out to be an embarrassment for the WFC, ACA and Parker once it was revealed how flawed it is.

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Soon after, several other organizations such as the Chiropractic Society of Texas, the Florida Chiropractic Society, the Georgia Chiropractic Council and ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program released statements rejecting the WFC, ACA and Parker claims and statements.

Now LIFE West joins those organizations in rejecting those false claims. In a video interview Life West President Dr. Ron Oberstein sat down for a video chat with Life West faculty member and world-renowned lecturer Dr. Dan Murphy where they discussed chiropractic’s role in enhancing immunological health during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as findings from scholarly works that provide valuable insights for chiropractors.

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In the video Murphy talks about the anatomical and physiological connections between the nervous and immune system and chiropractic's role in optimizing immune function and overall health.

Beyond the research that already exists supporting the connection, one particularly important segment of the interview is Dr. Murphy's questioning of how anyone in clinical practice could miss the improvement in immune function that he and so many other chiropractors witness on a regular basis in practice.

The bottom line is that the detractors and subluxation denying researchers and school "leaders" that are pushing the WFC, ACA anti-chiropractic agenda don't see actually patients or for those that do they limit what they do to just back pain. This means that in an Evidence Informed Model that relies on clinical experience as one of its pillars they have no actual experience. Then they set up a false standard that only RCT's are considered "credible" or "quality" while also denying the patient the right to choose the care they want for themselves.

In addition to Parker University and several regulatory boards, such as the Texas chiropractic board, endorsing the flawed WFC document, several prominent Subluxation Deniers in the United States and Canada have been using the document to encourage the public and chiropractors to file complaints against those chiropractors that remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Robert Maybee DC who practices in Portland, Oregon and runs an anti-chiropractic group called Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance thanked the World Federation of Chiropractic, Parker University and the American Chiropractic Association telling his fellow Deniers that:

"You are now properly armed with FACTS thanks to the WFC and Parker and ACA"

He was instructing his army of trolls to copy other chiropractors websites and Facebook pages where they were discussing immunity and use those screen shots to report them to the regulatory boards.

Another leader of Deniers in Canada - Marc Bronson DC from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College - put out a call for volunteers across Canada to find and submit complaints to regulatory boards throughout Canada about any chiropractors making posts pertaining to immunity. He stated he had already been sent over 100 images. Bronson created a template for his trolls to use in filing the complaints.

State, Provincial, national and international chiropractic organizations, schools and individuals are urged to come out publicly in opposition to the lies being spread by the WFC and ACA and those schools and other organizations who have adopted its flawed position.

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