Marketing Concerns, Malpractice and COVID-19

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Marketing Concerns, Malpractice and COVID-19

Some in the Profession Don't Want You to Tell the Chiropractic Story

We have heard stories from chiropractors who remain very busy triaging and caring for their existing practice members and welcoming new ones looking for strategies to deal with the current crisis. We are heartened that there are so many chiropractors that have this sense of obligation to serve.

We are heartened by this because there are also chiropractors, chiropractic organizations, chiropractic regulatory authorities and "leaders" in chiropractic that are attacking those who choose to keep serving in the face of this unprecedented event.

Chiropractors are being told and even threatened not to "Tell the Story". Sadly, they are being told not to tell the public about the fact that the nervous system controls the immune system - the two of them are actually a combined supersystem. They are being told not to share these facts with anyone and not to tell anyone that in addition to the important public health measures such as hand washing, responsible social distancing etc. that they should also consider getting their spines checked and adjusted if necessary along with other salutogenic activities that will support nervous and immune function.

These actions are as important and crucial as all of the other measures because beyond the hand washing and distancing there is no other solution except the robustness of one's immune response.

Unfortunately there are those such as The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) that has put out a deeply flawed "document" asserting there is no credible evidence in regards to the role of chiropractic and the nervous and immune systems. Sadly, Parker University's President and their Director of Research are promoting this nonsense, the American Chiropractic Association has endorsed it and the Texas Board of Chiropractic and a few others have sent out notices otherwise endorsing the WFC "document" and threatening chiropractors with it.

We will not tolerate those within or outside of the profession who seek to silence these truths or the science supporting them because that will lead to a worsening of the public health crisis and people will suffer unnecessarily due to their ignorance.

If we do our jobs correctly as chiropractors then we may be part of the solution in this crisis because we can help the engines of commerce to continue to function and help triage people who do not belong in the ER. Then those who are not sick and not at higher risk can work, provide for their families and take care of those among them that cannot take care of themselves.

At ChiroFutures we feel strongly about the role of chiropractic as a staple in supporting the health and well being of the public along with other salutogenic measures to enhance health and well-being and assist the body in adapting to physical, chemical and emotional challenges.

What we urge you to understand is that promoting chiropractic care for the treatment of ANY infectious disease , including one like COVID-19 that is now considered a pandemic, is specifically outside the chiropractors' scope of practice . Suggesting or stating in any way, shape or form that chiropractic or chiropractic adjustments will stop COVID-19 or cure someone of it puts YOU under a great deal of risk. Putting those statements on the internet so a public health authority now has evidence that you made the statement(s) only makes matters worse - and their job of prosecuting you that much easier.

Our goal is not only to mitigate the malpractice risk to you, your practice and staff but also to assist you in providing a safe and healthy environment for the public to receive your care.

So be aware that you are being watched by these anti-chiropractic crusaders and make decisions about marketing through that lens.

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