Chiropractic is an Essential Health Care Service

ChiroFutures Malpractice Program
Chiropractic is an Essential Health Care Service

Position Statement

March 16, 2020


Chiropractic is an Essential Health Care Service

It is the position of ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program that chiropractic is an essential health care service. Chiropractors are an essential and necessary part of the health care team for millions of patients of all ages around the world. As primary, portal of entry doctors, chiropractors are licensed and trained to provide all three levels of health promotion and health care prevention interventions including:

  • Primary prevention health care that prevents the onset of illness or injury before problems begin.
  • Secondary prevention health care that leads to early evaluation and prompt management of disease, illness or injury to prevent more severe problems developing.
  • Tertiary prevention health care aimed at recovery following illness.

Chiropractors are trained and licensed in all 50 states to enforce and follow all public health regulations while acting in the best interests of the public and patients they serve.

In addition to these essential aspects of health care, chiropractors are the only health care providers trained and licensed to provide care for the neuromusculoskeletal ramifications from structural spinal shifts that cause obstruction of the nervous system which impact the whole health and vitality of the individual. Chiropractors refer to these structural spinal shifts as vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractors have provided these essential health services for over 100 years and have done so during pandemics, natural disasters and following terrorist attacks such as 911 at Ground Zero.

ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program embraces patient autonomy where health care decisions are made through an open, patient centered and evidence informed process. Health care decisions should be made based on evidence, consistency with the patient's values and with the help of a health care provider that honors their wishes. This is a truly patient centered, informed consent process that everyone is entitled to in regards to their health.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions and/or concerns over the coming weeks and months as this pandemic situation unfolds.

Yours in Chiropractic

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
CEO & Co-Founder

Anthony Carrino DC, FICPA
President & Co-Founder

ChiroFutures Malpractice Program