ICA Governance Changes Make Merger Easier Say Former Presidents

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ICA Governance Changes Make Merger Easier Say Former Presidents

"We All Fear for ICA's Future" Say Leaders in Open Letter to Members

In a starkly worded letter to the members of the International Chiropractor's Association (ICA) four former ICA Presidents are urging members to vote "no" on recent changes that were made to the Bylaws and Constitution of the organization.

Calling the changes "detrimental to the democratic process that have been crucial in the ICA" the letter describes the gutting of policy and process that have historically given ICA members a say in the running of the organization.

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The letter was signed by:

  • Michael McLean DC
  • DD. Humber DC
  • Gary Walsemann DC
  • Bobby Braile DC

The former ICA Presidents describe the changes that have been instituted by the board as nothing less than a take over of the organization by a self selected group that:

"... will have SOLE AUTHORITY" to amend or change the new ByLaws--no review by your Representative Assembly or you, the members is required. Such changes require only a simple majority vote of the Board. This would allow easy changes to the Merger Clause facilitating the merger of the ICA with you as a member, having NO voice or vote in that decision."

Past ICA President Michael McLean stated "Just to be clear. I am unalterably opposed to the ICA Bylaw changes along with 3 other ICA Presidents and many many other members".

DD Humber, another past ICA member stated "I too, as a past President and ICA member since the early 60's will be voting No!"

Past ICA President Bobby Braile took things a step further and provided several documents analyzing the changes and the dire implications for the future of the ICA should they pass.

Braile stated "This entire thing is not needed and detrimental to the ICA and members".

In addition to the past Presidents, several members of the Representative Assembly have spoken out publicly including

  • Jay Korsen
  • Eddie Martinez
  • Ed Gigliotti
  • Stephen Judson
  • Brian Lieberman
  • Beth Zogg
  • Matthew Alvord

Lifetime Members of the ICA including Lucas Matlock and Mindy Weingarten have been urging members to vote "no" to the changes in the Constitution that will be going out to the membership for a vote soon.

The ICA has had a long history of members and leaders that have tried to bring the organization closer to merger with the ACA and who identify with the musculoskeletal and broad body treatment element of the profession. Not in its entire history however, did the ICA have a President Like Stephen Welsh DC that appears to have as his sole goal the dismantling of what has made the ICA great while cozying up to the Cartel. And never in its history has it had a Board willing to go along with it.

In what amounts to an ironic twist, if passed, the membership vote on these changes would be the last vote the membership has in the organization so the members would be voting themselves out of any say in the organization or its future.

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