50% of Chiropractors in Oregon Have Been Injected With Experimental COVID Vaccine

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50% of Chiropractors in Oregon Have Been Injected With Experimental COVID Vaccine

45% of Chiropractic Assistants Have Also Taken the Injections

According to just released data from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), 50% of chiropractors and 45% of chiropractic assistants have received injections of the experimental emergency use COVID vaccine in that state.

These data are the first published showing surprising acceptance of the vaccine by chiropractors given chiropractors' historical skepticism of vaccination practices. In many jurisdictions around the world chiropractors have been given the authority to inject the vaccine into others but how many chiropractors actually got the injections themselves has not been reported previously.

Data on how many chiropractors have been injected with the novel molecular machine in Oregon was compiled by comparing registrations in Oregon's statewide immunization registry and licensee data.

In comparison to chiropractors, 70% of Oregon's licensed health care workers have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. This compares to 94% of dentists and 87% of the state's nearly 12,000 licensed medical doctors having received a shot.

The health care professions with the lowest vaccination rates included: 45% of chiropractic assistants, 50% of chiropractors, 56% of emergency medical responders and 57% of certified nursing assistants.

Oregon is home to the University of Western States which houses a chiropractic college that has rejected many of chiropractic's foundational principles.

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