Canadian Chiropractors Helping Inject COVID Vaccines into Thousands of Canadians

Canadian Chiropractors Helping Inject COVID Vaccines into Thousands of Canadians

Canadian Chiropractic Association Says its "Proud" of its Members Who Have Volunteered to Inject Canadians

In one of the most bizarre and surreal developments in chiropractic, members of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and its leaders are bragging and virtue signaling about their involvement in the injection of the experimental, novel molecular COVID machine into thousands of Canadian citizens.

In an article titled: "The door of hope – Chiropractors step up to accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations" Joannie Dupont DC, a Canadian chiropractor stated:

“Vaccination is kind of the door of hope for those people,” she says. “They couldn’t be there for the ones they lost, but they can protect what’s left and protect other people’s loved ones. Helping with vaccinations is a way to fuel the impatience in my belly of moving on. It was an action I could actually have control over. As soon as they asked chiropractors to help, I knew it was my cue.”

After practicing giving the injections on oranges, Dupont is now vaccinating at five clinics across the Montreal area. Dupont estimates she has injected "more than 5,000 people" bragging that "each jab counts".

CCA member Marie-Josée Bernier DC says she "jumped at the chance" to help inject Canadians with the experimental juice. Bernier estimates that she "has already helped thousands of Manitobans" since the injection site she works at injects someone "every 60 seconds".

In the article, Bernier brags that "I have had some interesting encounters and met a few fainters along the way, but rest assured we are always there to quite literally catch them when they fall!”

Bernier gets to the heart of why so many chiropractors around the world are jumping on the COVID injection bandwagon - self esteem issues.

Bernier stated:

“Sometimes chiropractors are perceived as being on the outskirts of healthcare, and this time we are participating in the centre of it."

Canadian chiropractors who wish to participate in the mass injection of an experimental molecular machine are not alone. Chiropractors in the United Kingdom and the United States can also step up and inject their fellow citizens.

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The decision to allow chiropractors to inject in Colorado was met by silence from the Colorado Chiropractic Association (CCA) a trade group purportedly representing vitalistic, salutogenic chiropractors who practice in a subluxation model.

In Oregon, according to just released data from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), 50% of chiropractors and 45% of chiropractic assistants have willingly received injections of the experimental emergency use COVID vaccine in that state.

These data from Oregon are the first published showing surprising acceptance of the vaccine by chiropractors given chiropractors' historical skepticism of vaccination practices. In many jurisdictions around the world chiropractors have been given the authority to inject the vaccine into others but how many chiropractors actually got the injections themselves has not been reported previously.

The embrace of injecting vaccines - experimental ones at that - comes on the heels of widespread denial of the benefits of chiropractic on immune function that began as soon as the "pandemic" started.

Hundreds of chiropractors were dragged before their regulatory boards for having the nerve to educate their patients on the role of chiropractic on the nervous and immune systems after widespread acceptance of the lie that there is no credible evidence chiropractic can help.

The lie that there is no credible evidence for the role of chiropractic in immunity was pushed and endorsed by numerous trade associations and regulatory boards including the American Chiropractic Association, Parker University, the World Federation of Chiropractic, the New Zealand Chiropractic College, Scottish Chiropractic Association, McTimoney Chiropractic Association, Texas Chiropractic Board, Wisconsin Chiropractic Board and several others.

The events surrounding COVID have revealed the deep and likely permanent changes that have occurred within chiropractic over the past several decades as the Chiropractic Cartel has cemented it's power and has taken over the educational, testing and licensing aspects of the entire profession. The Cartel has morphed the profession into one that rejects the profession's founding tenets and principles and embraces the cracking of backs for musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

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