BC Regulatory Board Found Guilty of Hiding Complaints About Its Own Board Members Says Independent Investigator

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Da Roza
Da Roza

Board Registrar Michelle Da Roza's Actions are "Troubling and Unreasonable" - New Investigations Ordered

The College of Chiropractors of BC (CCBC), like most other chiropractic regulatory boards around the world, is controlled by the Chiropractic Cartel which is run by Subluxation Deniers who many times deny the very existence of subluxation as a pathophysiological process in need of management.

So ridiculous are their false claims that they have been compared to dentists who would deny the existence of dental caries. These chiropractors falsely claim that there is no "credible" evidence to support such practices. Instead they claim that the only thing supported by research is spinal manipulation for musculoskeletal disorders.

These Deniers claim there is no credible evidence to support the management of vertebral subluxation and that such practices are in violation of their so called Efficacy Claims Policy. Then in bizarre and Orwellian fashion they make grandiose claims of safety and effectiveness on their websites and marketing of a whole host of musculoskeletal conditions and interventions that do not meet the Efficacy Claims Policy.

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Indeed, so blatant is their bias towards those who practice in a subluxation model that the College itself is now under investigation itself by the Health Professions Review Board for not investigating complaints submitted against members of the College.

So egregious has been their conduct that just last month, Michelle Da Roza, the college registrar, was found guilty of dismissing complaints about two board members without forwarding them to the college's inquiry committee for investigation.

Brenda L. Edwards, Panel Chair of the Health Professions Review Board described Da Roza's actins as "troubling and unreasonable" and the college was ordered to conduct fresh investigations into both complaints.

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In the Conclusion of her investigation into Da Roza's conduct Edwards stated:

  • "I have concluded that the investigation of the complaints was not adequate, and the Dispositions were not reasonable"
  • "I have concluded that it would be unreasonable for me to dispose of these matters based on an inadequate investigation"
  • "I am left with no option but to send the matters back to the Inquiry Committee"

Edwards directed the Inquiry Committee to ". . . oversee fresh investigations of the complaints involving the marketing practices" of the Board Members "using a process that recognizes the Registrants’ positions as Board members (as of the date of the complaints) and is in keeping with the Inquiry Committee’s practice when investigating complaints involving such matters".

Not only did Da Roza hide these complaints from the Inquiry Committee but her actions also gave time for the Board members involved to change the content on their websites that violated the Board's Policy. Addressing this issue Edwards stated:

"The evidence before me suggests that the Registrants’ websites may have been altered since the complaints were filed and the websites viewed by the Registrar".

This scandal involving the BC Chiropractic Regulatory Board comes after several years of attacks on chiropractors in British Columbia by the College of Chiropractors on those it regulates who practice in a subluxation model.

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