Kate Rufolo DC Joins ChiroFutures Risk Management Team

ChiroFutures Malpractice Program
Kate Rufolo DC Joins ChiroFutures Risk Management Team

Brings Decades of Clinical & Risk Management Experience 

ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program announced today that Kate C. Rufolo DC has joined their Clinical & Risk Management team and will be helping advise current and prospective insureds on risk, clinical management, malpractice coverage and other areas related to chiropractic clinical practice. In private practice for 32 years, Dr. Rufolo received her Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Physiology from Rutgers University and received her Chiropractic degree from Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic (PCSC). She taught orthopedics and neurology as well as physiology for PCSC and also taught Board Reviews for Irene Gold Associates. 

In addition to private practice, Dr. Rufolo has held various leadership positions in the chiropractic profession including President of Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and President of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations. She has extensive experience in post graduate education in the areas of coding and documentation, ethics, risk management as well as clinical patient management. She has served as an expert witness for various legal firms in the defense of chiropractors for audits and malpractice cases. 

"We are thrilled to have Dr. Rufolo with all of her extensive experience join our team in order to better serve our clients" stated Matthew McCoy DC, MPH - CEO and Co-Founder of the ChiroFutures Malpractice Program. McCoy continued "Dr. Rufolo's ability to help chiropractors understand their risk, explain complicated malpractice issues and create bridges among the various factions and styles of practice within chiropractic is second to none." 

The ChiroFutures Malpractice Program was founded 12 years ago by Matthew McCoy DC, MPH and Anthony Carrino DC, FICPA in partnership with Great Divide Insurance Company as the carrier and Sonoran National Insurance Group as the program administrator. 

ChiroFutures combined expertise, security, and shared resources enable them to better serve chiropractors and the profession through providing a comprehensive, quality professional liability insurance policy and an organized and systematic approach to risk management and best practices. 

ChiroFutures offers what no other malpractice provider offers: a partnership with its insureds. The future of this profession rests in the hands of the practicing chiropractor and ChiroFutures wants their insureds to be able to focus on building a busy practice full of happy patients. They work to remove the fear, worry, and obstacles that get in the way of practice. 

ChiroFutures builds long term relationships by partnering with its insureds to create an environment in their office where people feel truly cared for. Not only does this reduce the risk of a malpractice claim, but it builds a strong foundation for a busy office full of happy patients. 

"The future of the chiropractic profession rests in the hands of this generation of practitioners and ChiroFutures pledges to be good citizens of the profession" remarked Anthony Carrino DC, FICPA President & Co-Founder of ChiroFutures. Carrino added "We will never support, endorse, or contribute to anything that is not consistent with the founding principles of the profession. Unlike others doing business in the chiropractic profession, we are not in chiropractic . . . chiropractic is in us." 

ChiroFutures is a strong believer in research and the power it has to ensure the profession’s future. It is for this reason that they support research efforts such as those of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association with their commitment and combined resources. 

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ChiroFutures Malpractice Program