Former NBCE Board Member Jason Young Ignores FCLB Warning - Speaks Out on Social Media

Former NBCE Board Member Jason Young Ignores FCLB Warning - Speaks Out on Social Media

Admits to Questionable Relationships Between FCLB & NBCE & Declares Vitalism not Evidenced Based

In a series of postings on social media Jason Young DC one of the Board of Directors of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) who have abruptly resigned reveals more insight into the inner workings of the Chiropractic Cartel's two most controversial organizations as they become ever more deeply embroiled in a scandal that has brought both organizations to a grinding halt.

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Young claims on his website that:

"He is one of the leaders in the chiropractic profession" and that he was appointed the the Oregon Board of Chiropractic - though the Oregon Board website does not list him.

The postings were made in the Facebook group: Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance (FTCA) which designates Young as the "Group Expert in Business Leadership". The FTCA is a group run by a chiropractor named Bobby Maybee who practices in Portland Oregon. The FTCA and Maybee are critics of the practice of managing vertebral subluxation and have built an entire organization around denigrating this practice and they work to add drugs to the scope of practice.

It was Maybee and his group that developed and implemented a plan to teach and encourage like minded chiropractors how to file board complaints against other chiropractors who remained open during the height of the pandemic.

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The fact that a member of the Board of Directors of the NBCE is a member of this subluxation hate group group to the extent that they have given him an "Expert" designation should be concerning to everyone given the role that the NBCE plays in whether or not not someone gets a license to practice.

Young reveals his discriminatory attitude towards chiropractors practicing in a vitalistic, subluxation model when he responded to a question posed by Kyle Swanson DC (a rabid anti-subluxation zealot) who asked him about the turmoil engulfing the NBCE and FCLB:

"Does this have anything to do with vitalist vs evidence based board members and their control over influencing the direction of the profession, CCE, etc?

Young responded:

"I would guess Dr. Vanterpool has more of a vitalistic outlook than many here. She was educated at Life. However, my personal interaction with her tells me that she is smart, she understands and values evidence. That’s probably the case with everybody who has recently been on the board with some having more vitalistic ideas. Baghosian (sic) was on the Sherman board but was educated at Bridgeport. The mission and vision of the NBCE doesn’t accommodate the testing of principles that aren’t supported by available evidence and taught in all chiropractic colleges."

Keep in mind that this is a statement from someone who was just recently sitting on the NBCE Board of Directors.

Young also attacked Defendant Karlos Boghosian who is past president of FCLB and at-large director of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Of note - Boghosian is also a sitting member of the Connecticut Board of Chiropractic.

Young stated:

"The issue with the Vanterpool suspension is that SHE wasn’t even told why she was suspended. The lack of transparency is extremely troubling."

Young further stated:

"This has become the M.O. of the accused. Baghosian (sic) FCLB President's win has been described as a blindside. I would describe his NBCE presidential election as a blindside having witnessed it. Opacity of operation is well within their comfort zone."

He goes on:

"I won my At-large election but the biggest surprise was the election of Dr Boghosian to the president of NBCE despite never announcing his intention to run to the whole board. He had become the president of FCLB previously in a similar maneuver."

Young also revealed the questionable legal relationships between the FCLB and the NBCE that involve federally backed student loan money:

"In March NBCE directors were informed that the FCLB had suspended Dr. Vanterpool and she was removed by the FCLB from our board (NBCE bylaws don’t really allow the FCLB to remove anybody from NBCE board unilaterally)."

Young also discusses the "tight" relationship between the FCLB and NBCE, how the NBCE funds the FCLB, pays its rent and how the board members bounce back and forth.

The exchange reveals how these two organizations (FCLB & NBCE) are so inextricably intertwined that neither of them can function independently and these facts have brought them to a standstill where the organizations cannot even get a quorum to pass a motion.

Meanwhile 10's of millions of dollars of student loan money hangs in the balance.

Young's rant about his experience comes after the FCLB issued a clear threat to its Delegates and "member" boards warning anyone who speaks out - stating its "ill advised" referring to "confidentiality and executive session limitations" imposed on them by their positions. Presumably Young would not be covered by the NBCE liability policy should he be sued since he no longer sits on the Board.

The FCLB letter stated:

"Broadcasting resignations, referencing sensitive information, disclosing the existence and length of difficult discussions, and soliciting recipients of these letters to engage in continued dialogue with former members of any board is fraught with peril and must be met with caution."

In a poorly executed attempt to separate itself from the incestuous relationship it has with the NBCE the FCLB letter states:

"FCLB should not and will not interject itself in the policy issues and legal matters of the NBCE. This is especially true in that the NBCE is not a party to the litigation. FCLB will, however, make all efforts to recognize and respect the importance of the relationship between these two vital organizations."

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Commenting on the silence from the NBCE Young revealed:

"As of this date there’s isn’t even so much as a public statement from the NBCE as it has take a passive posture and the strategy (which was never voted on in a motion) appears to be watchful waiting."

In a letter circulating throughout the profession, Steven Conway DC, Esq., Salvatore LaRusso DC, John Nab DC, and Daniel Cote DC are calling for an "NBCE delegate special meeting request" stating:

"The recent serious allegations involving officers of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board (FCLB) and the simultaneous and unprecedented resignations of four ethical and upstanding directors of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) has created an ethical tipping point that the undersigned former directors and officers of the NBCE strongly believe can no longer be ignored."

The letter from Conway shows just how ominous the incestuous relationships between these two organizations really are with Conway and his cohorts stating:

"The legal opinions appear to indicate that based on the number of resignations and internal conflicts, the current Board of Directors does not have a legal quorum to conduct the business of the NBCE."

According to Young if there are at least 22 signers of the NBCE petition by next week this meeting will be convened "and we will see what happens next."

Young admits in his postings that he has failed the NBCE Board and the profession because he "could not be persuasive enough to convince fellow board members to do what our responsibilities demanded" adding "choosing to look after individuals instead of the NBCE."

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