Palmer West Shutting Down - No Longer Accepting Students

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Palmer West Shutting Down - No Longer Accepting Students

Blames Decision on Costs & Affordability

According to a press release from Palmer College of Chiropractic the Board of Trustees has made the decision to close the College’s operations in San Jose, California.

Saying it was the ". . . right choice to ensure that the College founded 125 years ago will prosper for the next 125 years and beyond" Palmer stated the decision was effective "immediately" and that they would give every current student the chance to finish their degree but will no longer accept any new students.

Claiming this was a "proactive business decision" they blamed an increase in the building lease, high cost of living, the employment market and the cost to deliver the education.

Palmer stated they ". . . could not have anticipated the explosive growth of Silicon Valley" which "directly impacts affordability."

Palmer says it intends to focus on its Davenport and Florida campuses.

Palmer West is notorious within the chiropractic profession for harboring faculty and administrators who disparage the management of vertebral subluxation. Whether or not those same Deniers will find a home at the other campuses remains to be seen. 

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