Is Your Website Dangerous?

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Is Your Website Dangerous?

Don't Wait Until it's a Problem - Fix it Now

We recently consulted with a family practice chiropractor who was insured by another malpractice company after the state chiropractic board suspended her license, placed her on probation for one year, fined her several thousand dollars and ordered her to undergo continuing education and risk management remediation. Once she does all this the board might consider giving her license back.

What did she do that caused the board to take these actions?

She made claims on her website that she did things in her practice that the law does not allow her to do.

When we reviewed her website and the charges against her it was pretty clear to us what the concerns were - all of which could have been corrected quickly and easily and still allowed her to express her clinical objectives and offerings.

Unfortunately she was not insured with us and her malpractice provider did not catch these issues on her website. Nor did they ever warn her about the risks related to marketing on websites and social media.

At ChiroFutures we are very proactive when it comes to protecting you from aggressive state boards who attempt to limit your first amendment rights. While we can't change the make-up of the state boards that are controlled by the Chiropractic Cartel we can alert you when you are doing, saying or writing something that will get you into trouble with the board or other regulatory entities.

We review all of our new clients' websites prior to accepting them into our program to make sure everything they are stating is in compliance with current regulations. And we strongly encourage our insureds to let us know when they update their sites or put out social media content as we are happy to review it beforehand in order to avoid any problems later on.

We also provide a detailed self survey checklist that our insureds can use called the ChiroFutures Practice Check-up. This checklist walks you through all the common areas where chiropractors get crosssways with their boards and regulators in relation to marketing and is available in the Members Only Section of our website.

If you haven't reviewed your website or social media content or haven't done it in awhile, we encourage you to take advantage of this now and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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