Open Letter to the Profession from Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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Patrick Gentempo Jr., DC
Patrick Gentempo Jr., DC

As many of my clients, friends, and colleagues may have heard, after much contemplation and reflection, I have made a dramatic career move by selling CLA and a controlling interest in Creating Wellness. I am sure the question many have is, why?

Here are my reasons and intentions...

CLA succeeded on a very high level and had major impact in the profession. It launched over 20 years ago and today boasts over 9000 Insight clients on 6 continents. There are almost 7000 on-fire Total Solution Grads and thousands of On Purpose listeners worldwide. Also, there are over 300 Creating Wellness Centers on 4 continents. These efforts have been key to preserving and developing the concepts and constructs of vertebral subluxation based care and lifestyle wellness care in chiropractic practice. Yet, I have had a growing uneasiness in the past few years.

Let me explain by way of analogy – let's say you are a chiropractor and you have built a VERY successful practice in your community where you have practiced for over 20 years. Hundreds of adjustments delivered every week. Babies who were medical failures with horrible conditions getting well with your care. Testimonial files that would bring the most stoic individual to tears. You've made money. Lived a terrific lifestyle. People tell you all the time they couldn't imagine where they'd be if it weren't for you. You could and should be proud of your legacy. But let me ask you a question, "How's the health of your community?" Well, that is the question that has been nagging me... With all the extremely hard work and success, how's the health of the chiropractic profession? Ladies and gentlemen, the sobering answer is, not good...

Act 1 in my career was practice and I loved every minute of it and helped a lot of people. Act 2 in my career was CLA and I loved every minute of it and through our clients helped millions of people. Now it is time for Act 3!

I am not ready to speak in detail about everything I am intending to go after in Act 3 as the agenda projects many years into the future and some aspects are extremely high scale. But I will say I have already launched, through Chiro Finishing School, an initiative to turn DC's into much better business people. I can't overstate how important this is and what a void there is in this realm. I can also let you in on one more thing – I am committed to ENDING INSURANCE DEPENDENCY IN CHIROPRACTIC. PERIOD! I have come to realize that there is no future unless we do. Stay tuned for that. There is A LOT to build out to do this right.

As for CLA, Dr. David Fletcher, a longtime pillar of the company and ultra-successful chiropractor has taken the helm. He is supported by the same great executive team that has been there passionately for years. Dr. Fletcher's ideas and vision for the next phase of CLA have me so excited, I want to become a client! Oh wait, I don't practice anymore. LOL

Dr. Christopher Kent, who cofounded CLA with me all those years ago, has already gone deliberately to work on the very big issues that face our profession. In the realms of chiropractic policy, standards, and education, he is unmatched. Also, he has taken full ownership and sole responsibility for a big thing that we are both passionate about, the On Purpose monthly audio series. We launched it in February of 1994. It thrives today reaching DC's throughout the world like a lifeline keeping them focused, engaged, and updated every 30 days. I will still appear on the program as I always have every month.

I thank you all for the many years of love and support. And for the fortitude you have shown and shared for this principle and profession we hold dear. We are crazy enough to think we can change the world with it... and we shall.

Stay tuned for more on Act 3!


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