Moving Forward as a Profession

Steve Tullius DC
Moving Forward as a Profession

If we are to move forward as a profession in the US and bring the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation to the masses, it is my opinion that we need to stop the battle of beliefs that has no end. We continue to waste our resources fighting instead of promoting. 

We sacrifice our students by providing them SUBSTANDARD EDUCATION and tools on both sides of the fence as a select few play these political games.

I hear the fears that the other side would not let us be. I hear the fears of drugs pushing their way into the profession. The only way to end this and move forward as I have not seen anyone present a workable plan to accomplish our version as the only version, is to have a formal educational acceptance and allowance of both a non-therapeutic, vitalistic curriculum and a therapeutic (NON PHARMACEUTICAL) path.

Necessary changes at the NBCE would be required. Possible state changes as well but not necessarily.

As Matthew McCoy has already pointed out, the drug issue is a state one and the DCM is outside of the CCE's control. 

However, if one really wanted to prevent the advance of the druggists, they should look to our leadership. Our COLLEGE PRESIDENTS.

What is their stance and their STAND besides saying they are anti drug at seminars and at hearings in NM? Are they going to continue to show up state by state until we finally lose due to greased palms or empty bank accounts?

WE CAN COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW TO STOP THE DRUGGISTS, however, no one has shown me that the answer is a more balanced power structure in the CCE. The answer in my opinion is to END the POWER STRUGGLE. To recognize and accept our unique differences and unique VALUE to the world. And MOVE FORWARD SERVING the masses.

A formal resolution from our colleges stating that Chiropractic DOES NOT include the use of pharmacotherapy and the appropriate ACTION and SANCTIONS of the ACC and CCE towards those institutions operating outside of our basic core paradigm.

A formal resolution and treaty signed by the ACC, ICA, IFCO, ACA, COCSA, FCLB, and NBCE acknowledging and accepting our differences and agreeing to discontinuing the aggressive attacks towards each other.

Remember doctors and students. Chiropractic is bigger than the United States . It is bigger than a name. The opportunity for every man, woman and child to the access of the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation is our professional objective. Ours is not harmed if others have an objective of helping some out of pain. Both are noble. Both have value. Ours has lasting purpose.

Politics should be a means and not and end. Ethics requires us to do what is right and good for the people for a principle. However, a principle without people has no expression. 

Will we take it to them?