Proving Chiropractic on the DNA Level - 2

David Walls-Kaufman
Proving Chiropractic on the DNA Level - 2

So, the total plasma Thiols testing continues to go better than I had hoped. It is hard to express the new dimension of physician knowledge it provides . . . . This is the easiest means of quantifying my patient’s health and disease risk. What else am I after, as their doctor?

And, again, as a chiropractor or holistic provider, suddenly the potential of the test, and its information, allow a level of penetrating patient education that I have never had access to before.

I have a window on the profound essentials of health and life experience.

As far as the test results are coming in – just as researchers Ron Pero, Des Johnson and Joseph Cummins found and told us decades ago – the long term chiropractic population is going great guns in their DNA repair and oxidative stress. Thank goodness. What a drag that would be to peek under the hood of my patient’s wellbeing and find I was making little or no positive difference.

However, in this last batch of tests came some surprisingly low scores; one, in a four-years regular care patient of mine, and another in a newcomer patient with diabetes and other signs of approaching serious illness.

The first patient I just mentioned registered a score of 27 – when, if you remember, 90 is bad and means a risk of 95% for all nine major categories of disease, including cancer. The second patient showed a score of 42. The first is a woman of 70 with longstanding endocrine disease but who is now seemingly in very good health. The second is a woman of 60 with diabetes and longstanding weight issues.

Chiropractors love how powerful the adjustment is in making people feel great as soon as they get up off the table. Some of us rarely see sick people.

What do we do with patients this potentially ill? Do we have the stomach and confidence to bring our care to people whose health might be failing?

We better. After all – we are the ones that can make huge changes from the inside out; while MDs make changes from the outside in. To deny a patient the inside out part of the formulation is a crime. You better have the fortitude. How would you feel if the roles were reversed and a chiropractor held out from helping you because he was only comfortable dealing with back pain cases?

I know that will happen – but shame on you.

This world needs to be changed. This world needs ASAP to see demonstrations of the power of chiropractic to correct nervous system behavior and cure heavy disease.

So – what’s the process with really potentially sick people?

First, we advise them to get a thorough medical screening for any obvious disease lurking below the surface. After my consultation with each patient, I contacted both their primary care MDs to tell them what we found and what it indicated. Both doctors were completely open minded, grateful for the info, and were surprised it came from a chiropractic office, and are following up with a wider lens. One of the doctors from the lab helped me out by talking with one of the doctors to get a little more technical in the explanation. Patient 27 recently had a battery of tests that indicated they were “fine”.

Second, identify any obvious stressors in their life that might be killing them, and help give them means of eliminating or coping better. Use the three pillars of the Holistic Lifestyle – diet, activities and the nervous system hygiene component of chiropractic to intervene strongly toward improving their health.

Have they gone through the 3x3wks, 2x3wks visit cluster to give their NS a good scouring?

Patient 27 eats very well, exercises adequately and is under chiropractic care for more than two years. Patient 42 has added a nutritionist to her team who is getting her off carbs and sugar to help her weight and thereby reduce oxidative stress. She is only very newly started to chiropractic adjustments.

Third, get the patient started on a double dose of AC-11. Ron Pero identified the herb Cat’s Claw (uncaria tomentosa) as being particularly helpful, though with some health consequences, and so he used his lab at his pharmaceutical company to isolate the helpful ingredient and extract it from the chafe. The result is a concentrate called AC-11 that is proven to boost Thiol scores 10 to 15 points in six weeks.

When you are in a hurry with low scores – this is invaluable. These patients will take double doses.

Fourth, I want a powerful nervous system booster shot for both of these patients. I am therefore referring both of them to Dr. Marshall Dickholtz in Chicago, who I have mentioned in my blog, and who is doing preliminary work with cancer patients and Atlas adjusting that all of us need to be aware of.

He has found in 50 cancer cases that Atlas adjusting is able to normalize cancer patient body chemistry within six weeks. His 50 cases have been reviewed by an important cancer and immunity researcher that I will not yet name because I haven’t yet received permission to do so from their cancer treatment center’s media office.

If Atlas adjusting is able to so importantly improve biochemistry even in the case of as serious a disease as cancer, then it ought to make a big difference here and I want my patients to get this treatment ASAP. Since we do not yet know if the “regular” chiropractic care I am delivering, excellent as it is, is able to do the same for them – then I’m advising them to do what I would do: Go see Dr. Dickholtz or another excellent upper cervical practitioner, and keep up their regular care when they return home.

So, this is the plan for these two low scoring patients – get a thorough medical work up, reduce obvious stressors, increase their holistic “good for yous”, and – if really low so that time may be a factor – give them the extra kick of the most powerful chiropractic adjustment proven so far.

I am confident from the research of Ron Pero, Des Johnson and Joseph Cummins that this regimen is the best that can be done for them to change the course of the deep physiological dynamics that determine health.

We will retest their Thiol levels in three months and see if they are on the right track.

I will keep you posted.

Dr. David Walls-Kaufman

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