New Mexico Chiropractic Board Proposes New CCE Equivalency - Removes USDOE Recognition

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Bill Doggett - Chairman - New Mexico Chiropractic Board
Bill Doggett - Chairman - New Mexico Chiropractic Board

In yet another salvo in the chiropractic accreditation wars, the New Mexico Board of Chiropractic is proposing a change to its Criteria for Determination of Equivalency to the Counci

l on Chiropractic Education.

In the proposed change, the New Mexico Board has stricken the requirement that a school hold: Recognition by the US Secretary of Education and Recognition by the Commission on Recognition of Post Secondary Accreditation and replaced those with Recognition by the International, European or Australasian Councils on Chiropractic Education.

CCE Changes
Such a move, if adopted, would effectively stop graduates from any school that did not hold accreditation by the CCE or one of its arms from being licensed in New Mexico.  The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation recommends the following language be pursued in all states where CCE accreditation is tied to graduate's licensure:

"A person engaged in the practice of chiropractic under this Act must have completed an educational program leading to a degree in chiropractic from an institution authorized to operate by the government having jurisdiction in which it is domiciled."

It remains to be seen whether or not chiropractors in New Mexico opposed to such changes will be able to stop this change.

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