Chiropractic Schools Join Drug Coalition

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Chiropractic Schools Join Drug Coalition

Goal of Full Prescriptive Authority

The Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association announced today that several chiropractic colleges and universities have joined together to form a coalition of groups and individuals focused on expanding scope of practice laws around the country to include full prescriptive authority for chiropractors.

The following schools have joined the chiropractic drug coalition: 

  • National University of Health  
  • University of Western States
  • Texas Chiropractic College
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • D'Youville College

According to the announcement the chiropractic drug coalition expresses frustration at having to “waste all of this energy to circumvent the straights” while stating that their drug coalition is made up of: “advanced thinking professionals that want to see our profession advance and will be ready to join in to help any state correct the laws they have to advance.  Think of this as a machine geared to get the job done in any state.”

The FCPA will be holding a convention in November 2015 and promises to reveal their future plans.

According to their announcement:

“We will have many of the Board members of this group at our seminar to present to you what is happening and how it will affect your future and the future of our profession. We will have representatives from New Mexico, Florida, Arkansas, Alaska, Iowa and more there.  We will have the Executive Committee members there.”

According to the Chiropractic Summit Group the issue of drugs in the profession is a “non-issue” because no one in the Summit Group supports the use of drugs in chiropractic. However, one of the key players in the Summit group, the World Federation of Chiropractic, recently announced that Lichtenstein (one of their member countries) has adopted prescriptive authority for chiropractors. And of course the American Chiropractic Association (another Summit Member) recently formed a College of Pharmacology.  

There was no outcry from the Summit Group or any of its members following the WFC announcement and no action is expected from either of them in regards to this newly formed chiropractic drug coalition. 

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