Keiser University Dean Says They Will Stress Evidence Based Practice in Chiropractic Program

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Keiser University Dean Says They Will Stress Evidence Based Practice in Chiropractic Program

Adopting Subluxation as a Failed Model

According to the Dean of the new chiropractic program at Kaiser University in Palm Beach Florida their program will stress "evidence based practice, interprofessional collaboration, and the role of the chiropractor as a team member in health care delivery".

Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

In a letter sent to chiropractors throughout Florida, Micheal R. Wiles, DC, MEd, MS, FCCS(C) stated Kaiser will follow the model of chiropractic as spine care "as described in the seminal paper by Nelson et al in 2005."

The paper he is referring to (Craig F Nelson, Dana J Lawrence, John J Triano, Gert Bronfort, Stephen M Perle, R Douglas Metz, Kurt Hegetschweiler and Thomas LaBrot. Chiropractic as spine care: a model for the profession. Chiropractic & Osteopathy 200 513:9) created quite a stir when it was originally published but most chiropractors have long since forgotten about it while some factions of the Chiropractic Cartel have been slowly but surely implementing the model.

One of the contentions by Nelson et al in the paper is that:

"The argument that the public can be persuaded to understand and accept the subluxation model of chiropractic has been tested and it has failed."

In fact, the paper by Nelson and his team contains a series of derogatory comments regarding chiropractors who embrace a clinical model focused on subluxation. They attack vitalism, the use of x-ray, long term management plans and even "Palmer's Postulates".

CLICK HERE for a Powerpoint Presentation on the Paper.

This should not be surprising since each author of the paper is well known for their history of subluxation denialism and some of the authors are also involved with American Speciality Health.

When Florida State University was considering the development of a chiropractic program there many years ago the Provost stated that they "Would not teach subluxation theory". The FSU school never got off the ground because of widespread rejection of the chiropractic program by its faculty.

One wonders if Kaiser will teach subluxation theory and if it does, in what context? If their adoption of the Nelson model is any clue the future of subluxation related education at Kaiser does not look good.

Dr. Wiles signs his letter - Kaiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine.

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