Brian Kelly Resigns as Life West President

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Brian Kelly Resigns as Life West President

Oberstein Steps in as Interim

According to emails from the school, Brian Kelly, resigned abruptly this week as President of Life Chiropractic College West. Kelly took over as President of Life West several years ago as the institution was reeling from financial and enrollment problems left behind by its previous President.

Ron Oberstein DC, who had been serving as the Board Chairman, has stepped in as Interim President while the institution searches for new leadership.  

According to a job posting in the Chronicle of Higher Education posted earlier this year Life Chiropractic College West had already been looking for a new President. The school had been under the leadership of Dr. Brian Kelly since Gerry Clum DC stepped down several years ago.

According to the job posting from the spring the school was looking for a leader with the following qualifications:

Plan, direct & coordinate all activities of chiropractic college. Lead administration, provide leadership in development of academic programs, faculty supervision, accreditation and incorporation of cutting edge instructional technology. Manage business operations, budgeting, fundraising and marketing to ensure growth and success of the institution. Demonstrate professional leadership in chiropractic field to enhance the stature of the college. Requires: Requires 7 years exper., and proven leadership in chiropractic field. BS (in Chiropractic) or DC (Doctor of Chiropractic), plus two years business management education. Must have legal right to work in US. Full Time, 40 hours per week.

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