National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Under Fire Again

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National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Under Fire Again

Document Calls Board's Behavior "Corrupt"

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners finds itself once again at the center of controversy following the sending of an anonymous letter throughout the profession that warns the NBCE "good ole' boys" that: "You corrupt individuals can do the graceful resignation or be subjected to more corruption whistle blowing by insiders to the NBCE." The two page letter outlines alleged, behind the scenes board machinations in the search and voting process for a new Executive Vice President (EVP). The letter asserts that only two qualified candidates for the position were found after a nationwide search.

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One of those candidates was Norman Ouzts DC who, according to publicly available tax records, received just over $225,000.00 from the NBCE for his service as simply a Director for NBCE since 2008 based on one hour of work per week. The anonymous letter alleges that the NBCE raised the salary of the Executive Vice President position to $250,000.00 and credits Ouzts' friend Farrel Grossman DC for making that happen.

In what is described as "back door shenanigans" the letter alleges that the drive to get Ouzts elected to EVP involved threats to Executive members, backdoor phone calls, meetings, and promises of future positions in the organization.

It also states Ouzts and his wife were househunting in Greeley CO, home of the NBCE, in early 2016 and even picking out an office at the NBCE Headquarters before the position was filled.

The letter urges the chiropractic profession to "stand up and get corrupted individuals out of these offices. We are asking you to place this item on each of your state board agendas and make a motion to vote 'no confidence' in the NBCE from your state board at this time."

In a related matter the President of the FCLB is suing nine members of the NBCE Board of Directors for ousting her following this fiasco.

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The NBCE actually has a sordid history when it comes to its management, financial dealings and its relationship to other organizations within the profession and all of its activities appear to be funded by students who must take and pass several parts of the NBCE exams in order to get licensed giving them a near total monopoly on testing and licensure within the chiropractic profession.

According to publicly available tax records in 2016 the NBCE had $29,748,379.00 in assets and in 2016 alone had total revenue of $11,142,547.00.

NBCE paid out $3,773,067.00 in salaries in 2016.

The Board of Directors paid themselves a total of $231,450.00 in 2016 alone for one hour of work per week. Norman Ouzts was paid $31,400.00 in 2016 as a member of the Board of Directors for one hour of work per week. This comes out to $603.00 per week.

Ouzts total NBCE compensation from 2008-2016 was just over $225,000.00 as a member of the Board of Directors.

The approximately $11,000.000.00 in NBCE revenue each year comes from testing students on mandated examinations they need in order to get licensed in the majority of jurisdictions. The vast majority of students get their money from student loans.

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