Strategy Expert Issues Response to Canadian Attacks on Chiropractic Pediatrics

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Strategy Expert Issues Response to Canadian Attacks on Chiropractic Pediatrics

Chiropractors Provide Intelligent & Reasonable Approach to Health

Marc Swerdlick, MS, DC, PsyD, MA, ACP, DPhCS, a well-known and sought after professional speaker who runs MIND VIRUS, a company that offers improvement solutions for small business owners, professionals and individuals recently provided a response to the Canadian Pediatric Society's attack on the chiropractic care of children and the central theory regarding chiropractic.

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The following is a complete copy of Dr. Swerdlick's response:

There have been a number of reactive articles specific to claims made by some members of the chiropractic profession. It is my hope that this response - combined with some diligent examination, will result in a more fact-based perspective relative to chiropractic.

There is no question that - like many professions, chiropractic has its challenges. In medicine, for example, a number of the prescription drugs that have been shown to be harmful and eventually pulled from the marketplace per the demands of the government, were originally given the green light for use as a result of evidence-based approvals.

No one denies that there is a very small percentage of the chiropractic profession that make unsubstantiated claims. Having said that, no reasonably intelligent person would dare suggest that the benefits offered from a certain profession should be negated as a result of the claims of some its members. After all, there are some medical doctors who strongly advise the use of certain vitamins (even without any evidence to support their benefits), and many more medical doctors who believe that the only result that comes from the use of vitamins is expensive urine.

Let’s begin with the facts: Exiting from the spinal columns are nerves that control the body’s musculature, as well as virtually all of its organs. That statement is not one of belief. All one needs to do is pick up an anatomy and physiology text from any medical school, and there it is. Park a loaded dump truck on a garden hose, and you’re unlikely to see any measurable amount of water exiting the hose. Likewise, if there is a measurable interruption of the nerve flow from the spinal column to that nerve's destination, then it’s completely reasonable to suggest that there are likely to be symptoms from that obstruction. If you do a search for Nerve Compression Syndrome, you will quickly see that the suggestion that a nerve can be compromised is quite reasonable and is supported by more than enough evidence.

Next, would it be reasonable to suggest that the birthing process, regardless if it's a vaginal or C-section, can result in the shifting of spinal segments to the degree that it could result in some degree of neurological obstruction? Yes, it would be very reasonable. In fact, Radial Nerve Palsy and Nerve Entrapment Syndromes of the Lower Extremity are just two examples that, like Nerve Compression Syndrome, are supported by evidence.

Just as there are exceptional medical doctors who over-prescribe drugs and even end up in the courtroom due to malpractice, chiropractic also has its bad apples. The better percentage of chiropractors do not claim to fix anything. They do not claim to perform miracles, nor do they claim to eradicate a long list of conditions.

Chiropractors, like medical doctors, have the privilege of practicing as a result of receiving a professional license. And anyone who has done just a tiny bit of homework will unearth the fact that chiropractors receive a comprehensive education that extends well beyond the methods of spinal correction.

Most individuals who pursue a degree in chiropractic have within them, a slightly different, albeit intelligent and reasonable perspective relative to health and wellness. Most chiropractors prefer an intelligent and reasonable approach specific to the body before considering more invasive and consequential methods that involve prescription drugs and/or surgical intervention. These chiropractors are not suggesting that prescription drugs and/or surgery do not have their time and place. They are only suggesting that those methods should be secondary to the elimination of potential neurological obstructions.

An intelligent and reasonable chiropractor will perform a comprehensive analysis of the spine, and then - utilizing specific corrections, remove any detected obstructions. Am I suggesting that every newborn has neurological obstructions? Of course not. Likewise, does a medical doctor suggest that every newborn has one or more ailments? Of course not. Medical doctors perform an examination on a newborn looking for medical issues. Similarly, an ethical chiropractor (again, the better percentage of the profession) does exactly the same – looking for neurological obstructions. Chiropractors analyze the spine and then – with the consent of the parent/guardian, make the appropriate spinal corrections.

An intelligent approach to chiropractic care is to ask yourself why you would want your newborn to spend even a single day of his or her life with anything less than optimal function of their body? An unethical dentist will find a cavity at every visit, and an ethical dentist will often perform a cleaning and have you on your way. Understanding that every profession has undesirables, the takeaway is that a great chiropractor will evaluate the newborn’s spine and make a recommendation based on objective findings.

Ethical and intelligent chiropractors do not make claims. Furthermore, chiropractic has more than enough evidence in the form of peer-reviewed research, documented results, and testimonials from parents that illustrate the results associated from the elimination of obstructions to proper nerve function. For example, an ethical and professional chiropractor would never claim to eliminate infantile colic - a condition that is equally unpleasant for both the infant and the parent(s). And yet, removal of obstructions specific to the neurology associated with that condition are often (but not always) instantaneous.

Chiropractic is a licensed profession. It’s not hocus-pocus, it’s not a miracle, and it’s certainly not a theory. It’s physiology - pure and simple. And as has been stated, the fundamentals of chiropractic are easily discoverable and understood by simply picking up an anatomy and physiology text book and/or doing one’s homework. One last point is one that is directed toward those who have chosen to despise chiropractic for reasons outside of the facts. Medicine had its beginnings using lotions and potions. Chiropractic also has an interesting history to say the least. Both professions have progressed beyond their history and now offer great value.

Marc Swerdlick, MS, DC, PsyD, MA, ACP, DPhCS


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