Simon Senzon Awarded Academic Scholarship by Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation

Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation
Simon Senzon Awarded Academic Scholarship by Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation

Focus is on Errors in Literature Regarding Vertebral Subluxation 

Simon Senzon MA, DC, a prolific historical researcher on the chiropractic profession, has been awarded an Advancing Futures Scholarship by the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation (FVS).  

The scholarship is for Dr. Senzon to complete a Ph.D at Southern Cross University located in Australia. The focus of his scholarship and dissertation will be correcting the errors in the literature regarding vertebral subluxation placed by numerous “subluxation deniers” who have peppered the scientific and historical literature with unreferenced and unsupported statements regarding the nature and historical issues surrounding vertebral subluxation. 

According to Matthew McCoy DC, MPH Vice President of the FVS, “Many chiropractors do not realize how inaccurate the anti-subluxation rhetoric actually is in the peer reviewed literature and this has been allowed to continue for too long.” 

McCoy added, “All these subluxation deniers purposely inject anti-subluxation statements into their papers and then journal editors within the profession practice professional birth control by publishing those false statements. Then those papers are used against subluxation chiropractors in regulatory board and malpractice actions - never mind in the popular press to tarnish the whole profession.” 

The main plan for Senzon’s dissertation is to contribute to knowledge by exploring the professionalization of chiropractic by developing a new understanding of how intellectual fields develop. This will be conducted by using eight perspectives along with an in-depth literature review. The review will emphasize historical and scholastic errors in the literature as well as social science views of the profession. It is hoped that this unique contribution to knowledge will establish a new foundation for research into chiropractic, the chiropractic subluxation, health care, and professionalization. 

The President of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, Christopher Kent DC, JD, expressed his excitement at  “. . .the prospect of righting the wrong that has been committed in the scientific and historical literature on chiropractic” adding “There is no one better than Dr. Senzon with his in-depth knowledge of the literature and its historical underpinnings to shine a bright light on those who have perpetrated this historical injustice on the chiropractic profession.” 

The Advancing Futures Research & Scholarship Initiative is discussed in detail in an paper published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research. This research agenda, developed by the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, seeks to validate the profession’s focus on the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation and position chiropractic as a vitalistic, scientific, evidence-informed clinical practice. This research is expected to assist the profession in gaining a higher degree of respect, understanding and acceptance in the health care marketplace, the scientific community and among the patients it serves. 

Dr. Senzon stated he was  “. . .thrilled to finally be embarking on this endeavor as fixing this issue has been something I have wanted to do for some time and while I have been lecturing and writing about some of it, we need to formalize it and correct the literature once and for all.” 

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